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Thursday, April 03, 2008

a walk in the park

There are matters that are better left unsaid. There are promises that are better left unbroken. :P Sometimes - it's better to hide ur feeling, sometimes - u should just let it out :) Wise ppl - they know when to react and when to take a step behind. These little thing in life , actually make such a difference in this world. One man stupidity, can cause such a big trouble to the rest of the world. Look at the war in Iraq , thanks to Bush. But, what I wrote above isnt about Bush, his stupidity is a world wide known, nothing to hide.
For the past few days, I've been doing a little work with the Uitm delegation who came to Moscow for a competition. So happened that one my of dear reader ( miss murni ) works for Prof. Rosli ( middle in the photo above) -therefore they kindly asked for my help to do a bit of translation during the competition. I'm enjoying it, very much :) It's a new experience to me , learning a lot of new stuff about engineering ( which is totally not my field ) , met a lot of new frens :) , improve my russian language and other . Such a wonderful experience. Nonetheless , I have to admit that it's such a tiring job. Well, frankly speaking - every jobs is tiring rite?

U all might know this girl from shida's blog. She's the stage-helper , provided by the organizer , who's in charge for the malaysian contigent. Very nice girl , very innocent ( maybe?) hahaha.. However, I do enjoy working along with her, she does helped out a lot , always smiling and hardly complaining - those attributes that pretty much impossible to find among other russian! Well, maybe she's one of a kind :)

P/S - to kak red ku , ur delivery is coming soon yer... tunggu jer la... :P


murnie sangat said...

tq nan..hopefully uitm dpt menang byk emas di sana. thanks 2 shida 2.penatkan pameran?prof rosli tu dah keliling dunia handle pameran..ok x org2 uitm?ada yg byk songeh x?*abis la mintak report hiks

[LADYKiKi] said...

p/s; untuk kiki???? hahahha

pearlEJ said...

wahhhh syokkan kalau dpt pengalaman baru yg bukan dari bidang kita... pastu dpt lagi kenalan2 baru...syokkk..

Hannan said...

murni :) tu la.. hopefully diorang akan menang nanti!
diorang ni semua baik2 la murni... hehehe.. xder songeh langsung!

Hannan said...

p/s - utk kiki kene tunggu han balik mesia aaaa

Hannan said...

Ej - yes dear ... it's something that money cant buy!

Red Mummy said...

sirman x msukkan ko lam planet red ke?

apesal updated entry ko x kuor kat planet

nan...mamat tu tua dah ye ahakss

ngeri la plak mak nak jumpa org tua

mummysyafie said...

best nye dapat kenalan baru ni..awekkss baru ada tak?