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Monday, April 07, 2008

Tourist Guide to MOSCOW - Old Arbat

One of the top 3 must visit place in moscow is the old arbat street. This is the place where u can buy the souvenier for pretty much better deal compared to the other places in moscow and some of my frens called this place as the first area which being "civilized" by the outside world. It's the only place in MOSCOW where u dont have to be worry if u cant speak russian coz most of the cafes, the souvenier shops , the restaurant - they have workers/waiters/waitress that can speak english.

If u decided to go to the old arbat using the metro , it's nearer to stop at the Smolenskaya metro station instead of the arbatskaya metro station. Arbatskaya metro is located at the new arbat and u have to walk quite far to reach old arbat from there. Another reason why the old arbat is so popular among the tourist, because it's where the moscow hard rock cafe is located.
There are dozens of souvenier shops along the old arbat street. DONT be suprised if the russian salesgirls come to u and wish u "SELAMAT DATANG". Since there are quite a number of malaysian tourists visited this place , and it's pretty easy to differentiate malay faces , most of the salesgirls learned a bit of malay just to attract the customers. It's just business, nothing personal - dont be fooled by their charming looks, make sure u get the cheapest prices for the stuff u bought here. Bargain as much as possible :)
This lady in the photo above is one of the salesgirl at the old arbat street. She said that I'm damn cute therefore she asked to have a photo taken with me ( yes, I'm cute after I mentioned that I'm a bloody doctor :P - even thou the fact i'm not one yet... ) However , after I told her that I'm a gynaecologist, she quickly left :P which I'm not suprised at all. Hahah... The rumour saids that women , for a very "unexplainable" reason , prefer the old + veteran gynaecologist. ?????? a fren of mine says that gynaecologist with parkinson is always the 1st choice..... sigh.....

These are the souvenier t-shirt that u can buy from the arbat street. Prices start from 150 roubles ( around rm23) But I have to admit that the quality of these shirts are the same as the RM5 shirts u can buy from the PASAR MALAM in Malaysia. Just something to be framed and hang on the wall I reckon.
U could find these kind of stalls along the old arbat street. These stalls basically sell the same stuffs as the souvenier shops. I do realized that the price at the stalls is a bit more expensive and u could hardly bargain with the sellers since most of them have been standing all the long and no one would be in a good mood after hours of standing under the sunshine or the freezing snow ( during winter) Therefore, it's better to buy from the shops instead nof the stalls.

In the middle of the old arbat street, u could find this mural , drawn on the wall made of the mosaic. It's kinda piece of art actually. Unfortunately, my camera isnt good enuf to capture the photo of the wall in the most spectacular view. A DSLR would be a great help here.


norza said...

Great entry! Now we know what its like to walk down a street in Moscow. Have a pleasant week ahead, k? Mine will be quite enjoyable, hehe. TAKE CARE!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahaha you didnt say specifically, Gynaecologist with Parkinsons that does "bimanual examination" :P

ashterix said...


buy me hrc tshirt satu boleh? nanti kak red transfer duit :P

pearlEJ said...

alaaaaaaaa ej baru nak suh tolong belikan hrc shirt satu, sirman pun nak gak.. hehe..

han, kasi acc bank, ej masukkan duit, tlg belikan hrc shirt satu boleh?? :D

kalau ej pun kann, ej cari gynae yg tua2, yg muda2 tanak!! maluuuuuuu sehhhhhhh!! ahahahaa.... :p

Hannan said...

Norz :) yeah, trying to help the "potential tourist" to moscow... hope it'll help even just a lil bit..

Hannan said...

chin joo :)
i dont have too coz I know u'll correct me in this case ;)

Hannan said...

sirman :)
beresss ajaaa !

Hannan said...

EJ :)
nanti masukkan duit dlm account han ek
masukkan bnyk2 tau :)

mummysyafie said...

ni macam ala2 jalan TAR erkk...banyak shirt kat situ kan..