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Friday, April 25, 2008

home sweet home.... :P

Since I'll be leaving moscow soon enuf :P , let's take a quick glance at my home sweet home in moscow, shall we?
This is how my apartment/hostel/crib looks like. Well, actually my building located exactly behind this building. However , it's the same type of building. This is how the typical russian apartment building looks like. During the communism era , the buildings for citizen housing , were built exactly the same , therefore each family will get the same house at the same type of building. Yeah, they called it equality. :P My room is at the 10th floor , so it's not actually the penthouse , but close enuf :)
Next , the bust stop :) Located in nearby the apartment , the bus stop is called the "Studgorodok" bus stop. It means - "Student Town" bus stop. Well, nothing intersting here -since it basically serve the same function as the other bus stop at any other part of the world.

Next, the park :) Something that I'll miss the most about my apartment. Yes, it's just a few walk from the apartment. Behind that green forest , there's a beautiful lake. Planning to go there during one the coming weekend... is anyone interested to join me for another picnic at the lake???


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

eeee..lawo ek bus station kat sane
tuh mmg khas utk student nyer bus station ker ek? :P

tang park n lake tuh plak...
adoiiiii....syurga aaaa hans
klu z ler kan...ari² bw ida jln² kat sn taw
pagi jogs...ptg pun jogs


meen said...

owh..i lurve the park..its a perfect place for a jog or just a brisk walking..nyaman seyy..

picnic at the lake??nak ikuuuuuut heheheh

mummysyafie said...

"student town"...tats mean mostly student je tinggal area tu erkk?