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Sunday, April 20, 2008

hidden truth!

There's nothing hidden behind the poster above, I just made it up. That what happened when I spent to much time in front of my laptop! Nonetheless - In our daily Life - there's a lot of hidden truth. Well, technically speaking , nowdays - the truth become hidden because we choose to ignore it , we choose not to see it, we choose not to hear it. That's the beauty of the freedom of life. We choosed what we want , therefore - the truth is always left behind and become hidden. Why we did that? The truth always hurts and it's always the opposite of what we want :)

Let's put the truth aside for the time being thou :P hehehe... My gift to kak red has safely reached her. Thanks to Prof Rosli! Check out for more detail! Akak oii... hope u like it!
I was supposed to play basketball last nite. But, due to some unexplainable reason , the training session was cancelled. Damn! I was so hyped to get back to the court. Goodbye my futsal shoe! I bought this shoe at KL when I went back home last summer. Been using it , week in - week out. A lot of memories I had with this shoes... for the time being - I'll just keep this pair in the box.. I'll wake it up when summer comes!Say hi to Mr Jordan! Yeah - this one costed me a bomb! The most expensive shoes I ever bought myself and it will retain the title for quite a long time I reckon. I'm not gonna be crazy to spend so much money on a pair of shoes in the near future! It's been hidden inside the box during my futsal season and hardly wear it during winter also! But, it's time to get back to business mr jordan!... My MJ is back!.. let's hit the court - hopefully next week!
Watched this movie last nite - Step up 2 the street!. Great movie , 5 stars from me! This movie made the movie "how she move" looked like an amateur and served the hell out of the "u got served movie'! A whole new level of street dancing. A must watch for everyone....!


mummysyafie said...

best erkk movie tu..leh lah tengok pas ni

pearlEJ said...

cantik gambar dgn ida tuhh... lawoo... :)

mummysyafie said...

citer ni ada tayang kat m'sia ke? takde kot or aku ni dah ketinggalan ketapi