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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

When u look me in the eyes

Last night, I bumped into some juniors inside the lift - on my way up to my room. We chatted , and she asked me the typical question being asked to another medical student :-
" what cycle are u having rite now?"
I replied " gonna start a new cycle tomorrow, will be spending my next 5 weeks at the medical ward - and it's gonna be my final 5 weeks "
She looked a bit suprised , " 5 weeks? and that's all? "
I said " everything will come to the end eventually , my medical student life will be over soon enuf.. "
She smiled and said " well, u are one lucky guy - how I wish I'll be finishing soon also "
I smiled back at her " wish no more dear , u are gonna miss this - being a student , is actually such a good time , when it's all over , u'll want this back ... u may not know it now .. "
" Sighhh... yeah, that's so true... " she replied ..
tttttinnnggg... the lift reached my floor ...
" very well then - time for me to go .. have a wonderful evening " one last sentence and I walked out from the lift ..


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

psssttttt...lawo x aweks tuh


murnie sangat said...

nan,tq 4 da rosli baru bg hari ni sbb dia jetlag 2 hari..malu lah,i mmg nak bg u goodies dari shah alam nih tp i demam 2 hari sebelum prof rosli berangkat ke moscow so langsung xsmpat jmpa dia, dia call say babai jer...anyway, tq again..

nasazfrog... said...

dapat dpt flower yer... woah romantis nyer...:)

Ceera said...

rindu la, masa belajar dolu2... =)

makcik dah tuo.. tak cam kamu yang young and dangerous... hahaha

Mrs. Sheikh said...

lawa nyer bunga itu...
model lelaki itu pun sungguh kacakkkk

mummysyafie said...

tul lah kan..bila kita dah sampai kat penghujung..kita akan rasa rindu pada pemulaan nya..adat manusia lah tu kan

naper tak amik gambo..hihihihi