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Monday, November 10, 2008

pusing pusing pangkor

Yesterday we had a day off. Well, actually, half day off to be precise. Hence, I rented a "kapcai" for the day. Costed me rm25 for a modenas kriss. Then i filled up the tank with rm5 petrol. It was my best rm30 spend - ever. Rm30 of petrol in my VLV will get me... well... somewhere. But, with rm30 , it was enuf for me to go around the pangkor island 3 times!

Suhaibah and her smile. Caution guys - she's taken! ( engaged ) She's shida best fren. They lived together in the same house for 6 years in moscow, stayed in the same room for this induction course and also during the btn .... and now they gonna work together at the same hospital. Yes, MISS AINA , suhaibah got posted to hospital muar.
Abuya (hospital selayang, urs truly and cresentia ( hospital KK ) We had a lot of fun hanging out at the island. Me and shida went for jet skiing. Costed us rm70 for 30 fun of superb fun on the water. The coolest thing to do at the island - jet sking. Everyone should give it a try. It may sound expensive , but it worth all the money , every second of it!
The beautiful scenery of the beach at pangkor island. ( not the 2 guys obviously! )


mummysyafie said...

ooo...berseronok waktu induksi erkk..naper lah time akak takde camtu

Mrs.Sheikh said...

happy tgk u all berdua..
waa...rindu la kat ida...
nampak muka dia kat blog nii lega skit rasa :)

norulaina said...

cemana induksi leh ilek seilek2nye camni? jeles ni haha

Witty Angel said...

wahh!!cakap congrats kat die dh engaged ke?ngan engineer tu ek?hehe..anyways congrats to u, shieda and sue juge..take care!!!