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Friday, November 14, 2008

more info :)

more info about being a doctor in MALAYSIA :)

I received a lot of question about this particular issue after my entry about the future of doctors in malaysia.

Occay, here we go.

Starting from 2010 - all doctors graduating from oversea will have to undergo a special examinantion before they are able to start their intership in the government hospital - regardless of where he/she graduated from. Regardless who sponsored them. EVEN JPA/MARA sponsored students have to sit for the exam.

About the exam - it's technically made to fail the newly grad doctors. NO KIDDING, go ask any doctor about that. For the timebeing - this "special exam" is for those who graduated from unrecognized universities.

Should u fail the exam, u have to go for special training at the local hospital/university for 6 month and u wont get the doctor's salary, just rm500 monthly allowance. Then, after 6 month, u have to re-sit the exam. It's a nightmare!!!

I'm fortunate enuf to avoid this scary part. Sigh..

Anyway, about my induction exam yesterday, I reckon I did OK. Should be able to pass it... Insya Allah.... :)


neo@sufe said...

i'm ur silent reader all this while..agree jugak ngan u, my fren graduated form japan dah dua kali sitting for the exam kat HUKM tapi dua2 fail2 last2 dia buat benda lain..kesian lorr..nape la govt wat mcm tu...dah la budak melayu kurang kann..ermmmmm neway good luckk


Mrs.Sheikh said...

Haa...maksudnyer my cousin under MARA nanti kene duduk exam ni..
sebab insya allah tahun depan dia fly ke aussie.

myfisol said...

I learn something as a's not easy to become a doctor..wish you gud luck Hannan..

aladeen said...

blom apa2 lagi dah macam ni. U just demotivate other who want to pursue their dream. There’s so many other way to convey the info if that the truth is. Remember, when you light a lamp for someone else, you brighten you own path too...

First of all, I thought reading this ‘’doctor's’’ blog could motivate me or other, but day by day u seems to be drown and sunken in the splendour of the 'title-ness-ship'. My bad and I’m so sorry for this. I learned my lesson. huhu. All the best in your future undertaking

Just my 2 cent opinion.

Witty Angel said...

hmmm...betol la ek sal 2010?anyway if im doing my intern here and balik msia afterwards still kene sit for that exam ke?

zie said...

Come to think of it, it really not fair. Dah la tak ramai doctor melayu nie.

Apa-apa pung, good luck Hannan.

mummysyafie said...

susah nye pas ni. so siapa yang grad after 2010 kena duk exam lak erkk..

aini hanan said...

hi doctors.

i personally e-mailed the Health DG regarding the issue and got a reassurance from him (for the umpteenth time) that this is no more than "unfounded rumors".

lifeinside said...

damn!!! thank god i grad in 2009!