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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

how to deal with stress???

Hannan's 3 step to deal with stress.

1. Push u fren from the cliff. Yeah, definitely would make u feel better!

2. Watch ur fren do crazy stupid thing.. , very entertaining!
3. Be extremely crazy. Life is too short to always be at the safe side.

I didnt know who captured these photos , but many thankssss! These photos were taken during our induction course in pangkor island. We conqured the resort's pool for 2 weeks!

I started my life as a HO at the surgical department. I was hoping for orthopedic for my 1st posting, nonetheless I have no complain being placed at the SOPD.

Life is good.... this is what I've been dreaming for ... this is what I struggled for... Life is good. Think positive Hannan.... be optimistic Hannan. Everything will be OK! I can do this.. God willing.. amin


Wahidah said...

nan mula2 mmg la stress sure lama2 nan will get use to it...u can do it man..:)

hUdArLiNg said...

hey..u read my mind!! i br jer posting pasal stress in my blog.specifically, on what u do when ure stress.guess dah ada jawapan?nottt..ngeh. =]

Anggerek said...

wish u all the best..
take good care

Latifah said...

hehehe...u r really cute Hannan. Well another way to de-stress is to laugh yourself as much as possible. Well that was what I noticed my ex-boss who was the MO for our company's clinic, did each time he talked to his patients.....

Glad you are coping and doing well. Akak doakan semoga impian dan cita2 kamu terlaksana sepenuhnya bro. InsyaAllah....Amin.

Mummy Hanny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chika Chika said...

tak pe hannan.
nanti jadik konsultan
bukak klinik.
charge tala harga tinggi.


natrah said...

Hehehhe redah je la hannan oii..pejam celik kang dah abis le 2 thn thing don't give up! Ada tau my friend resign masa HO lagi.

mummysyafie said...

ello doc..mana boleh mandi kat pool pakai shirt n short je..adoi, mmg degil la doc skrg ni

MULAN said...

best wishes... work, sleep & have fun..!!

Kak Chik said...

Blog ni abah saya tolong buatkan.Saya dulu sekolah cina. Masuk tahun 4 abah tukar sekolah kebangsaan. Ni sekolah barulah. seklah dulu SJKC Khay Boon.