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Saturday, November 29, 2008

the reason

I've finally comes to my senses and slowly start to understand my new life as a doctor.
For the past one week, it had been a transition period for me. It was a tough one. Trying to adjust to the new enviroment, new daily cycle ... everything is new for me.

Maybe I've been watching to much of Grey's anatomy and House MD. Life as an intern in a busy government hospital is nothing as in the shows on TV.
Maybe I was expecting my life to be as cool as the actors in the show. Hence , when I faced the truth - it was a big shock for me and I was very depressed.

Nevertheless, after a few days , after lots of thinking and tears ( unfortunately ) - I'm moving foward. I want to be a doctor and this is what I have to face, day in , day out. No more regret. ( hopefully)
I'll take one day at a time. Slowly learning to be a good doctor.
It's gonna be a long journey, it's gonna be a tough road ahead. But I'll give everything. I'll do my best. God please bless me. Amin.

one more thing, I'm so sorry if my previous entry "demotivated" a lot of ppl from being a doctors. No worry , If u are willing to work hard, U'll be a good doctor.


Wahidah said...

u will get use to it..lor jgn la samkan greys and House tu ngan real life..:P

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

orang senang terpengaruh dgn tv.. hehe..

anyway, bz2 pon still ade mase nak update blog ek.. ;)

Mrs.Sheikh said...

aha... takpe nan..
awak luahkan ape yg awak rasa sebenarnya.. :)

lagipun mana ada doktor House kat mesia ni kan :P

N a b i L said...

Hi Hanan, nah you are not demotivating anyone.As a matter of fact, u r telling them the truth!Thats the reality, unfortunately.Oh yeah me think that Grey's and House is a piece of crap.Its good for entertainment tho, thats it.nomore than that.The ways that they diagnose patients is WAY different compared to the reality.We dont use CT scan or MRI as our first line of investigation.We use history taking and physical findings to diagnose.Investigation is just to confirm your diagnosis.Cheers mate~ =)

Aina@Azila said...

hrmmm, lama akak tak tinggalkan komen kat blog ni. Datang, baca dan pergi jer he he he...

Biasa laa Hanan, mula2 kerja memang cam tu. Hampir semua orang cam tu. Akak masa mula2 jadi engineer dulu pun cam tu gak ..
but in my case, I end up become 'Sleeping Beauty' hehehehe...

peej said...

hye dr hannan..dah lama x singgah tetibe sampai kat post ni..
mmg mcm tu..dulu jonet pun mcm tu..oncall every other day..
memula mmg stress..lama2 u akan enjoy..
tp i tgk jonet mmg penat la..
asal dpt rehat je mesti tido ternganga..huhu..

sabar yea..once u get u paycheck..mesti puas hati..hilang penat2.. :)

mummysyafie said...

selamat bertugas doc! bila la oleh jumpa lagi ni

Ted Baker said...

Bawak bersabar okeh!

LayarLara Legendary Of Journey said...

Jangan give up!... ramai yang memerlukan bantuan anda...

Sebut labour room... fobia beb..

Y u Z z 9071 said...

semoga hannan tidak mudah patah semangat..

realiti lebih mencabar untuk ditempuh...wish u all the best!

Xeea said...

"The more pay you'll get, the harder the job will be"

All the best Dr. hannan! You're on the right track.

p/s : say hi to shiatun, k. =)