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Sunday, October 26, 2008

which hospital?

Where will I be posted? well, I cant answer this one. No definite answer from me. But, I'll keep everyone updated about that. Technically, I should be informed about my posting by this saturday or sunday during the start of my induction. Hencefoward , until then - pls do not ask me about that , yet :) As much as u want to know where will I be working , my heart beat 100 times more than that.

Last week, I was hanging out with my frens. One of them asked me about my life in moscow and my future plans. Let just named the her as x. X said , " I envy u a lot, I want to be in ur position"
Then I told x " well, what u see is just the fun part of me, that's the cover of my life, the pain in the ass parts are much more than u could imagine, it was never plain sailing .... "

Then another fren of me , Y - he replied to X " If u envy han, I envy u instead x! A LOT !! "
X said " why is dat ? I cant see any single reason ?? "
Y said " well, I'm a man. If I'm a girl like u, I could see and touch boobies anytime I want! "
pAANGg.... x Kicked Y in the ass...

We all just bursted into big laugh .

As a normal human being, we want what we dont have , but we forgot what we had. Typical.


tigrismalaya said...

adoi...nakalnyer dia..

Mrs.Sheikh said...

tu gambar dr house nyer spital!
haa.. elok u pindah sana ajer..:)
ajar skit dr house supaya tak selekehhh :)
rindu gile kat blog ni..
maybe ida ada ceritakannn...