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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

busy busy busy

my e71 - out of service until this saturday.

Yes, I miss my phone a lot. Dah gatal jari ni nak picit2 mende... :P. Well, everyone is so used to have handphone in their pocket/hand/handbag at all times. Out of sudden, they just leave u alone. Not that I always busy with sms or calls ( which in fact I'm not - coz my phone is reserved for special ppl around me :P ) - nevertheless, it felt good and safer to have ur handphone near u. In my case - in my pocket at all times.

Worse - I cant take any photo also coz I dont have camera. My phone is my camera. So , no more photo from the camp. Hence for the next few days, all u can see here is just my crappy writing and random photos. Bear with it lor. What to do :P . I'm lucky enuf to have internet connection :)


mummysyafie said...

nan, naper serah hp tu? akak gi btn curi² bawak tau. letak kat tempat selamat lah. pas tu wat silent mode..tapi bila gegar tu..hahahah...sendiri kena ingat la.

Ms B said...

Oh, u'll get used to it. if u are in my line, u'll look fwd to the days of not checking ur data devices.

for once i didnt check/use my phone or emails for 4 days! it was a bliss!

Yet to get that e71 but ordered the crackberry. now i hv no excuse to not reply emails promptly.

han, i hv moved. the new add:

Chika Chika said...

u look good (1st picture, on the previous entry). wutta hairstyle! cantek mencacak.


selamat kembali ke sekolah :P

Anonymous said...

itu nasib baik lagik han..kalo jd mcm kwn i, dia g kursus utk PTD, 6 bulan x leh guna hp maaaa...lagik seksa..huhuhu...

sy pun asik kepit ngn hp je...dah terbiasa lak..hihi..kang ader je la call masuk...maklum la, keje lebih kurang mcm On Call gak laa...hahahaha..