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Saturday, October 18, 2008

the inner voice

went to pick up sohpie n jed from the jetty yesterday. 2 of them went to perhentian island again. Me being a good host, gave them a ride and send them to the bus station. All sophie had to do was a pose with vlv. Well, I dont need to ask her for this one , she pretty much volunteered :P

"To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little.
To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all."

I reckon I should change this blog title to " pandora box into being a good wife/gf". Well , what can I say - being a man does give me a lot of views about women. I'm not telling you ( ladies ) what to do - I'm just giving the insider tips on what best for ur marriage and relationship. Above everything , the most important thing in relationship are honesty , trust and good lies.

For men - we dont need to hear the word " I LOVE YOU" everyday. All we needed is a little time watching football and f1 - that means more than I love you. When the team wins , it means I love u more.

When a wife tells the husband " Darling , why dont u go to the mamak and watch football with ur frens , I'll be home with the kids and knitting while watching martha stewart , See u later "

The husband interpret that sentence as "Darling , my love to u is deeper than the everything , go and refresh urselves than we'll make love tonite! "

That's how the mind of genius works. By genius - I mean the man's brain.

BUT , when the husband says " Darling aaa.. my frens are waiting at the mamak , we want to watch man utd trashs chelsea tonite , dont wait up aaa.. make sure the kids do their homework.. see u in the morning "

the husband really means " Dear beloved - urs truly need to go out and fight the battle, to kill the immotal bastard , dont wait for me , but I promise u - I'll be back with a bouquet a red roses and a diamond necklace , kiss the kids goodnite for me...... "

Somehow , the wives hardly understand the inner voice of men. Sigh.. such a dissapointment.

and the wife says " u aaaa crazy aaa? everyday also like that. Watch football la, f1 la, wrestling aaaa, skiing aa., I pray that ur team will lose tonite - u dont love me just say la... I'll go back to my mom's house tonite.. u take the kids to the mamak with tu.."


Anonymous said...

oooooooooooooo..camtu eh? kelaka la pulak entry ni. hahaha. kena paham maksud tersirat itu laa ye? wakaka

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

but it sounds kinda irresponsible for the men to leave almost all the housework to the women.. unless of course, he works and the wife is a housewife.. but what if the wife is a working mom? i find it a little unfair..

hani said...

Couldn't agree more with Anna. If both man and wife are working, then both need to work on house shores together(if ada maid, lain kes). What husbands / men need to realize are that wives/ women also need their space to breath.. bukan lelaki saja yek nak releks2 ngan member.. while pompuan tak??... hmmm

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

yup2.. girls/women need space too, and we do that by - shop! shop! shop!.. so kalau kitorang shop,shop,shop.. jgn la kaum lelaki nak bising2 plak ye..since u guys do it by lepaking at mamak stalls, watching football, etc.. hoho! *wink*

wénkt said...

aku sangat faham

Hannan said...

aimi - hehehe.. tu la.. kene masuk kan bab sastera sket dlm kursus kawin tu..

anna - dah buat satu entry nak jawab soalan ni..

hani - lallalallaaa.... :P

mummysyafie said...

wah..dah ada model erkk

sib baik lawa

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ehhh.. Sophie didn't leave Malaysia or she returned for a 2nd holiday?