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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the supernova 660

Me and the supernova
me n VLV
During my previous trip to Muar, I borrowed my brother's car , the supernova also known as kancil 660 and I have to admit that this car ( the supernova) is such a good car :) In many ways, the supernova really outdone my VLV. Let's see the comparison
  1. For RM50 petrol in supernova - it was enuf to take me from seremban to muar and back to seremban again. For rm50 petrol in VLV - well... according to the screen, it says 300km ( if u never cross the 80km/h limit ) which will never happened :P . So, technically, supernova is twice more fuel efficienct
  1. Supernova is more romantic and more suitable for couple in LOVE. No kidding. In VLV, I cant reach the passenger door from the driver seat. I even struggle to open the glove box from the driver seat coz the vlv is a bit wider. But, in supernova - u could basically do everything from ur driver seat ( if u know what I mean )
  1. Parking is pretty much a nightmare for VLV (due to it's wideness and the low ground clearance + bodykit) , but no problem at all for supernova
  1. U could carry 3 adult in supernova back seat. But in vlv , I could only fit 2 adult men at one time or 3 girls. 4 if they are really hot :P
These are the qualities that my vlv is lacking. But I couldnt care less. In a lot of other ways, I just love my vlv :) No doubt at all
Truth been told , I'm not gonna be driving vlv to work coz I know that my salary wont be coming anytime soon ( government maa... at least need to wait few months) Hence, my transport would be the white supernova or worst case scenario... the modenas kriss :)


tini said...

supernova.. kik kik!

Ms B said...

I hope you are feeling better.

Oh well, at least you have a supernova. I on the other hand have no car. not that I need one since their public transportation is good. Plus, we usually take the cab.

I really need a good sleep! Heavy workload these days. hmmm....

norulaina said...

kak na ado adik merc pun dh cukup syukur dan gumbira hehehehe :-)

wénkt said...

seronok je dgn my red myvi