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Monday, October 13, 2008

Akak ku :)

My trip to KL was never completed until I met my beloved sister :) kak red. Well, she needs no introduction in this blogging world - definitely!
I went to KLCC for our little meeting. Around 530 pm, I arrived at the starbuck KLCC and not long afterward, Sirman ( kak red hubby) arrived. The thought of having me n sirman sitting together really kills kak red actually. Well, she has this kinda of bad feeling when these 2 guys sitting together and discuss "stuff". What kind of stuff? well... in my view , and sirman of course - we call it good stuff! But kak red doesnt seem to agree with us!
However, since she was pretty busy that evening, she arrived pretty late for our hari raya meeting. Hence, I had more time to talk and discuss with sirman. Thanks to kak red and sirman for the treat that evening.
Also, thanks a lot for the souveniers from thai for me and shida. Appreciate it a lot !

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