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Friday, October 31, 2008

btn day 3

btn camp, day 3 ( the photo above has nothing to do with my btn course , that's umar my nephew and since he loves to climb the tv, I'll just put him on the tv instead )

Life is good here. Everything is fine. The food is fine, the classes are fun and interesting. It's pretty much depend on how u deal with it.
In my case, being at btn camp reminded me at being in the boarding school. For those who didnt know, I was studying at the boarding school ( sms faris petra )
Here, the routine is like a student routine in the hostel at boarding school. In some ways, I love being here. Of course the only downside is I dont have my phone ( same as at faris petra)
Not much complain. Made a lot of new frens. Listen to diff views. Sharing variety of knowledge. It's such a great experience and I'm enjoying it

Earlier this morning, we had the sport activity - 2km running. I used to run 10km per day when I was in the basketball team , no problem at all. So, this morning I thought I still got the same stamina, or half of it. But then, as we started running, I could feel my muscle just didnt correlate well with my brain. Obviously I gained a few kg and I havent been doing any sport for the past few months. It felt like trying to tow a lorry with a kancil. All that caused my stamina goes down to 10% of what i had before. Yet and still, I managed to finish in the front group and in a very respectable time :P

Need to do more running , and I'll get that as soon as I start working. Will be jumping here and there in the ward !


Jun said...

aiyooo, hans..suka panjat tv? baek2 wooo..byk kes kna hempap tv la ni..

elyna griffin said...

oh dear, i miss faris petra a lot!
i think everyone there must be having hp nowadays :)

mummysyafie said...

yarabbi..apa lah difikir oleh umar sampai baring kat atas tv tu..mmg lasak lah kan