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Saturday, October 11, 2008

the LGTC Meeting

The is one of the delayed entry. The lancer Gt meeting was held in KB during the 3rd hari raya ! I was so glad to attend the tt and also at the same time met a lot of new fren! As usual, among the LGTC members, my VLV is known as the sample car coz my car is pretty much a virgin! hehee.. no mods at all. During the convoy, VLV is the marshall car coz VLV definitely will pass thru JPJ or police road block without any problem! Moral of the story - never mod ur car. Love ur car for what she is :)
Well, of course - a few make up here and there wouldnt kill anyone... a bit of lipstick, eye shadow, tinted windows, lower suspension... :P
urs truly and another LGTC member known as "mild7". He's also a kelantanese currently residencing in shah alam , owns a red lancerGT.