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Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm leavin... NOT on a jetplane..

so sorry for the no update. me is very busy now - so called packing my stuff for my pangkor trip. Since the place is far far away + I'll take the bus + it's gonna be a longgggg holiday in pangkor - I need to pack my things very efficiently. I need a lot of stuffs but I cant bring everything. But one thing I cant live without ... my laptop.

The funny thing about my laptop ( the acer , on the right side in the photo ) - it's already 5 years old and it needs some extra ventilation to keep working. Meaning, it becomes hot easily and will shut down itself if i dont use the external fan

The other laptop , the compaq , on the left side - is the house's laptop. It's new but it has a bit of problem with the power supply.

Since I need something small and more reliable... I'll just bring the compaq... Sorry acer , we've been together for too long, I need to see someone new :P


Wahidah said...

dpt yg baru yg lama di lupakan eik..hehehe...packing jgn tk packingg..

tiffany said...

huwaaaa.... we've been together for 5 years oso maaa... we've been together for too long oso... but does it mean u need to see someone new too?? :P


Hannan said...

whidah :) biasa la tuu ....

tiffany :) awak tu laptop jugak kerr... :P