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Thursday, October 16, 2008

mixed signal

this is my nephew - umar , holding a quail. Yup... he scares of nothing , which really scares the parent a lot. When we were about to slaughter the quails during the hari raya, umar was busy playing with one of them. Holding the quail as it was a teddy bear. Luckily he didnt slap the quail or gave a kick! Nevertheless , the ending for the quail - it becomes a part of our body now :)

A dear fren asked me about dealing with guy :)
Well, u came to the right person sister! hehehe... not that I have a lot of experience in relationship with women - I just do a lot of reading and research about this :P

Anyway, she asked me - what if , the guy gives a mixed signal towards u? Meaning, kadang-kadang lelaki tu nampak macam tergila2 kat u, pastu die buat mcm tak tau pulak, pastu die menggatal lagi, pastu die buat mcm xder ape2 pulak, pastu die buat2 macam nak gi pinang u, pastu die buat u ni macam adik pulak... and the cycle goes on....

So, that's a mixed signal from a guy. One thing I can be sure about , the mixed signal isnt 50%-50% thing . It's 10%-90%! Meaning, the guy ( or the bastard ) only 10% sure of what the heck he's doing! that's actually a 90% of uncertainty!

Hencefoward , if u are a lady, and there's a man out there gives u a mixed signal that he wants u , just play it cool occay!

NEVER EVER go upon him and sacrifice urselves! Well, some said - t0 make sure the man gets the other 90%, the lady needs to confront him and speak out the truth. Yeah, when u do that , the man might said he loves u and he wants to marry u ! It's true!
But, it's not pure and it's not what really comes from his heart. When u confront a man , he will reply back on the base of KELAKIAN / MANLINESS , not on the base of love or whatsoever.

Therefore, should u be in this situation... just follow the flow... let's him makes the move. If he doesnt, DEFINITELY, u are meant for a better guy. Bunga bukan sekuntum, kumbang bukan sekoq..

Saya akhiri ucapan saya dengan serangkap pantun...

Smart man + smart woman = romance
Smart man + dumb woman = affair
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy


sabrinaabubakar said...

Pas ni i kena panggil u Dr Love lah plak kan..hihihihi

Mummy Hanny said...

errr...dumb man+smart woman=marriage?? ini sudah bagosss!!!

nieja said...

pntun tu..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I hate guys who send mixed signal. Stupid fellas. Imagine if in the relationship, suddenly hot and cold.. who knows what the heck he wants? Same goes for girls also.


vagg. said...

hahahaa what a pantun lorrr

Hannan said...

sabrina - yeah.. dah bole tukar dah nama kat link tu ek!

kak fatin - heheh baru tau ka?

nadxoxo said...

wah..bermanfaat sungguh entri ni. nasihat yang tak dicari tapi terjumpa di alam maya :) thx btw!

nshikin said...

owhh.. camtue ek? no wonder la kawan saya yang sorang neh sejibik like what u said in this entry. Sumtimes, dia nak serious.. sumtimes dia main tarik tali. Hahahaha.. pas neh harus ku buat derk saja.. :D