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Friday, October 05, 2007

weekend.. again

for those who would like to send me kad selamat hari raya.... here's my address... hahaha.. promote diri sendiri... :) - kalau bukan diri sendiri nak promote.. nak harapkan sape lagi.. kak red? huh..

Thank God, it's friday. It's been a very2 tiring week for me. The tropical disease cycle, is killing me!. Too many bacteria, protozoa to be learned! Iskh... i dont think i'm gonna be a specialist in infectious disease department. Futhermore, salmonella and dysenteria, dont mix well with me!..
It's 630 am here, I woke up for sahur at 530, and i've been online for one hour. Gonna have a quick shower after this, and i need to be at ward by 845am. Meaning, I have to leave by 7am. Travelling by metro and bus sometimes is the fastest way to get around in moscow. Becoz, the traffic here is totally crazy. If u cant deal with KL traffic, u'll be dead here!

ok.. 632am. I bought this book at the airport, on my way back to moscow last september. I saw the cover - looked like a quite interesting book. Since, the book is judge by the cover, i decided to buy it. The book is about self-motivation. At first, i thought, a lil bit of word of encouragement will do no harm. But, after a few pages- this book is reallllly boring! Gosh, u ever-ever intend to buy this book.. dont! I could give a better inspirational speech than this book!.. sorry miss rhonda byrne...i really hate ur book..


Red Mummy said...

korang kalo bg kad raya kat dia pun nnt bukan dia balas balik

alasan dia 'aku student'

bekhen kang

nan - minitures akak mana?

Anonymous said...

jeez, i have not send out any....;)

Lily.Lulu. said...

nak minitures lily mana ??

kad raya x sempat nak hantar
dah nak raya la nan
posmen sume amik cuti


Anonymous said...

minitures iefa gak mana?

Hannan said...

aaaaaaaaaa... minitures tu ape ek... daging unta ker?

a.d.i.b.a.h a.b.d.u.l.l.a.h said...

tgk lew DVD the secret dulu baru bace buku. Bess tawwww :P

Hannan said...

the secret ade dvd???

pearlEJ said...

nanti ej anto sedozen ekk kad raya utk tahun neh.. :p

mummysyafie said...

siap promote tu..tapi tak de peluang nak anto kat raya kat moscow lah tahun ni

[LADYKiKi] said...

u hate dat book..

ohh no..but i like.. hehhe