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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri - 2nd day!

Salam Perantauan dari Kremlin..... chewwwah.. ape kess... Well. On 2nd day of Raya, we decided to go to red square, to take some memorable raya photos. Unlucky for us, it was rainy on that day, so it wasnt a good day to take a great photos there. But, since we were already there, we did take some photos with our "baju raya" , which, of course became quite an attraction.
Then, straight from the red square, we went to Malaysia Embassy, to attend the official reception for aidilfitri. The reception on the day before was only for muslims who came for aidilfitri prayer. As i entered the embassy, Dato' asked me.. "where's ur baju raya?". I said " raya is over dato', hahhahah..." Well, actually i only have a pair of new baju melayu. Not gonna wear the same baju for 2 seperate reception! hhaha... So, i wore a suit on that day.

shida , hannan and mrs saiful
I assumed that there will be a lot of students coming for the reception, but turned out - not many who decided to come. Well, maybe the rainy weather did gave the negative effect. But, i couldnt care less... it was hari raya, so - i just come to enjoy myself, and meet my beloved frens ( the truth was, most of my frens werent there!).
miss MMA (is she? ) hehehehhe...but I'm Mr RSMU! hahahhaha
I reached at the embassy aaround 3.3o pm, which was considered quite late becoz when I got there, most of the food was already finished!!! Lucky me that Dato' invited me to join the VIP table, so I managed to eat a little bit. Thanks Dato'!
me n Dr Faiz Khaleed
Everything went well. The food was good. The enviroment was really happening. Even thou not everyone came, but still - it was a great celebration. But, the 1st day reception was better.

sepul, dhabu and I


Waliz said...

Nan..u looked very handsome la in yr stiking pucuk pisang baju melayu...ehem ehem pls introduce the beautiful awek beside you..matching outfit uhh?

Red Mummy said...

waliz - dia x hensem mana pun tp kaler ijau tu yg hensem. ko jgn terpedaya ngan gambo dia tuh

oi nan

apa kes pakai suit ni oiii

raya sebulan, baju melayu sebulan le oii


Hannan said...

waliz - thanks... :)

Hannan said...

kak red - hehehehe.. jeles la tu.. ade ke...
next year jgn tiru color baju raya saya lagi ekk.. heheheh

intankamaruddin said...

a'ah same kaler ngan kak red!
haha. sape tiru sape eh..? *think hard*

Hannan said...

iskh...tentulah kak red tiru kite... hehehehe

pearlEJ said...

a'ahh laa, raya pakai suit mcm tu jerkk.. hehehe.. sempoi2.. :p

mummysyafie said...

nan, shida pegang tu macam takmo lepas je

[LADYKiKi] said...

kiki suka kalo tgok laki bawak payung... yeahhh nyanyilah sekali han.. umbrella..ella..lalalla.. hehe