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Thursday, October 25, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Barcelona , Espana

"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out "
BARCELONA , spain. I have to say, barcelona is one of my fav place in the world. It's a total opposite of Madrid. Since barcelona is a tourist city, it's a lot more alive compare to madrid. A lot of interesting places here. I took hundreds of photos here and here are some of them. If I have the money to europe again, I'd find my way to barcelona for sure!
This is me, in front of the famous Sagrada Familia. Yes, this building is huge and does look a bit scary at nite. But, if u watch it from a close distance, it such a beautiful-architectural magic. Gaudi, the architect who started building this church (FYI -he's long dead )- when he was asked when the sagrada will be finish , he replied "my client isnt in hurry, God has all the time in the world". (iskh2...syirik mamat ni). Until now, sagrada is still under construction. It's a must see place in barcelona and I went there twice!
In barcelona, the best way to explore the city and to see all the tourist attraction places , is by getting on the "tour barcelona bus". It cost around €23 for 2 days, unlimited trip, meaning- u can also use this bus as ur daily transportation becoz these tour buses cover all part of barcelona city. This is the cheapest way to enjoy barcelona. In the picture above, is also one of Gaudi architectural genius product, named "Casa Batllo". I wonder how much is the apartment rent in that casa!

this is the famous Park Guell. Also, created by Gaudi. Basically, Gaudi gave barcelona all the magnificent buildings. To get to Park Guell, u have to climb the hill - and I'm telling u.... it was really2 tiring. Lucky there were some escalators along the way. But, it was worth while, coz the park was really2 amazingly beautiful ! Gaudi was really a crazy-genius architect.
One thing I really love about barcelona , since it's a real tourist city, u can do what ever u want to do here. Like in the photo above, I just simply climb on this lion statue which is located in the middle of the road, ( somewhere near the Port Vell) and nobody give a damn!... hahaha.. cool....

Well, on every city I visited, it wasnt complete until I reached their football stadium. I finally step into Nou Camp, Barcelona home stadium. It's located in the heart of barcelona and u can get there using the tour bus. Lucky for me, I managed to sneak my way to see the new barca player - Thiery Henry when I was there. But he was bz been interviewed by the reporters and I couldnt be bothered to take photo with him either... :P

this is the view from Montjuic. From this hill, u can see the ariel view of barcelona city. On the way to the Montjuic, we passed thru Espanyol home stadium. Montjuic, is one of the barcelona most appealing attractions with it green park and outstanding vantage point over the harbour.
and here, are the famous living statue, which u can find along the The La Ramblas. The main straight long street of barcelona. Along The La Ramblas , u can find the cheapest souvenier shops, a lot of good restaurant, a sex shop, hotels, boutiqes, shopping mall, live performances and of course the living statues (which are the trademark of the La Ramblas street. )
There is a lot more attraction of barcelona, but unfortunately, since the barcelona major didnt pay me anything to promote the city, I think I'm done. Hahahhaa..... Plus, I'm not a barcelona football fan. Nevertheless, if u are planning to visit europe, I highly recomended Barcelona. It was the best city during my eurotour visit and I have no doubt about it :)

p/s - to lily, be strong babe - we'll always be by ur side ( me n kak red laa.. hehehe)


Anonymous said...

i wanna go to spain too.........uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... ;)

Hannan said...

jom2... ape lagi :) ahahhahaha

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

salam hannan.

sy ada ramai lg sedara mara kt sana. tp sy sndiri x penahnye smpai sana. huhu. nak gi jgk spain 1 day insya allah.

Lily.Lulu. said...

nnan .. ko dah singa itu sesuatuh laa !!

kwang kwang kwang ~

p/s: thanks for ur support !!! aku sayang korangggggggggg


Red Mummy said...



akak nak tanya ni

bapa lama agaknya entry melancong ni akan tamat ye?

bukannya apa

aku ni dah lama x melancung dan melencong apatah lagi memancung!

!! aku kat tetengah korang apit kiri kanan ok!!! aku kan cuteeeeeee

Hannan said...

kak red - iyer.... akak la orang paling cute...
entry melancong akan abis biler saya ade menda lain nak tulis :P

lily - u r most welcome lily.

sara - jom kite ke spain lagi!

Jeremy said...

Very interesting article. I really enjoyed reading. I visited Barcelona once. The works of Antoni Gaudi dominate the city of Barcelona. Though the city is both modern and cosmopolitan in nature, it has a rich history in architecture and the arts. The Sagrada Familia is probably the most well known of Gaudi’s works, and is known as a symbol of Barcelona across the entire world.
Barcelona has a good infrastructure and welcome for tourists. Also I liked that Barcelona hotels is not expensive and offering free transfer from airport.
There 7 beautiful beaches and a lot of parks, which I liked very much. It is really amazing city with it's own magic atmosphere

mummysyafie said...

k4 pun ada kat sana yer..worldwide erkk