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Monday, October 15, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri - 1st day!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone!!! I had the most wonderful weekend this year!. Raya during weekend didnt sound fun if u are in Malaysia but here, in Moscow - meaning , i have the chance to do my aidilfitri prayer and really celebrate raya this year! It was my last raya overseas (hopefully!). I'm really enjoying myself, had a lot of fun ... and I have a lot of photos here to all my readers ... becoz a photo says a thousand words.As always, we celebrated Raya at Malaysian Embassy. Thanks to our Dato Ambassador and the wife (the pix above) for the open house. The food was good, the celebration was a success!. As u can see... this year, my "baju raya" colour is flourescent green. Really striking!!! hahaa... we become the attraction at the embassy! (perasan!). I used to be very2 scared to wear striking colour shirt/cloth , but as we all get older - i just dont care anymore and just wear whatever colour i feel like wearing! If u , urselves dont feel good about urselves... then..who else? am I right?

This is our pix with Abg Saiful and his wife. Saiful is a staff at the malaysian embassy. Very cool and easy going fellow. But, sad enuf, they'll be leaving Moscow soon ... after serving here for so long... time to go back home.. we gonna miss not such a "gay" way! :)

well... this young beautiful lady standing next to me need no introduction i guess.... hahahhaa... this is our famous blogger!. Miss Sarah in the house everyone! Finally, we took a photo together.. not easy to get hold of such a famous ppl like her u know! It so happened that we both wear green...what a coincident huh Sarah..
and... next on the hall of fame is.... me and my good fren.. zak a.k.a the bomoh. We both came from the same school, SMS FARIS PETRA !!!!... yeah... go FARISIAN!!!
and.. also, this hot young lady here, u all may have seen her on TV3... or in other tv... She's celebrating this year aidilfitri here in Moscow! see... ppl come all over the world to celebrate aidilfitri here...
on the left, is my ex basketball mate. on my right is my current futsal mate. But all 3 of us play basketball and futsal. BUT!!!.. the one in the middle is the most handsome... agree everyone??? hahaha... there 2 fellaw here are my junior frens at RSMU...
another guy who also need no introduction. Dr Faiz Khaleed. A good fren of mine too. He's the coolest dentist i ever met!!! seriously. Such a great guy, very enthusiastic, very energetic, he deserved to be the top 2 astronout... hopefully they will send him to space next year!!!.... All the best Dr Faiz
On my left, wearing peach/light brown baju raya, is Mr Khairil Idham, my beloved classmate, and also, a great photographer. I would like to thank him for all the great photos. Appreciate it a lot dude. The one wearing turqouise baju raya, with the terrorist smile is Mr Dhabu! here is our photo with abg sufian. He's also one of the embassy staff.. Gonna be leaving for Malaysia soon too... everyone is leaving moscow.... my time will come.. soon enuf..
the photo of all the 6th year student of Russian State Medical University with malaysia ambassador, Dato' Khalis


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Hannan!

while typing this comment, suddenly got notification email telling dat u just left a comment in my blog. Huhu. serentak tu!

Waa..ada sy di situ! thnks hannan. sy bru nk letak gmbr tu dlm 'special appearance n open houses'. tup2 awk dh letak dulu. eh eh.. mane ada glamour. sgt la x femes ye. kena betulkn statement nmpaknye ni.

nntikn kemunculan 'hannan dgn warna strikingnya' di blog sy plak nnti.

p/s: the photo session dat day i considered as a treat utk cerikan mood org sakit nih :p

Anonymous said...

kaler hijau lagi..ramai sungguh yg jd shrek ry kali ni..ehehehe.. nice pic!!!

intankamaruddin said...

hehe.. ye2 nice pics altogetha.
tp nizhni lagi meriah laa.. kowang xmsk sendiri ramai2. mst tk rase mcm kenduri kendara..

Hannan said...

sarah - saya nantikan entry blog awak itu ok? :)

pu3nemo - hahhahah... shrek pon shrek la.... thanks. :)

dr intan - iskh.. sini meriah ape raya... rumah terbuka sana sini.. x larat nak makan... hehehhe... nanti kite post lagi..

Anonymous said...

amboi pun ijau gek..
sepakat gitu eks?

selamat hari raya nan!

Red Mummy said...

bayangkan le

ni baru ari raya

dema 2 nye baju dah sebatu nampak

kalo atas pelamin sok

aku x tau lerrr

so anw kan nan

agak2 x de gelpren

ko tau le mana nak tuju carik gelpren kaler ijau ye...

Hannan said...

hehehe... iefa... welcome back from demam hari raya.., ape kes raya lama2 ek korang semua ni.. kejap2 dah aaaaa..

Lily.Lulu. said...

aaaaaaa . cantik. sedondon sedandan ...


baju kawen dia kak red mesti lagi mengerlippppppppp !!!

Hannan said...

baju kawin kitorang nanti, maybe pakai space suit kot... :P

pearlEJ said...

ramai gak melayu kt situ..

mummysyafie said...

nan..very bright kaler nan

oo...nurul syuhada pun ada yer..haip..dr faiz pun ado..ehm...pasal gosip tu..