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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Madrid , Espana

"I love men, even though they're lying, cheating scumbags" -- Gwyneth Paltrow

Here are some photos from my last summer euro tour, this time - from hot sunny Madrid, the capital of Espana. The truth is, nothing interesting in Madrid, unless u r a really big fan of REAL MADRID. If u just go to madrid just to see the buildings, enjoy the scenery, it was a hell boring place for me... hahaha... not worth spending money to go to madrid. Might as well spend ur money on IBIZA... I bet it'll be a lot better!. Anyway, in the pic above, u can see the sign "El Corte Ingles". It's the only shopping mall chain in Madrid, and most part of spain. It's like "JJ" in malaysia, sells everything. Very famous mall, some ppl go to spain just to shop here.

behind me, ( damn, it was really hot in Madrid , a bit worse than KL to be honest!) is the famous Metropolis building. Standing majectically in the center of madrid city.and here is - "Centro Cultural Islamico" or Islamic Cultural Center. I'm quite suprised actually to find this big building in Madrid. Inside this building, there is a mosque ( the main function of this building ), the administration, the classroom and HALAL cafe. The workers here are very nice and well spoken even thou they dont speak english, they always smile to us, even thou they need to find a paper and pen to write down the prayer time for us.
Yup, I was there. The famous "Estadio Santiago Bernabeu". Well, this was the first place we visited in Madrid. We were the first visitors during that day ( yup, we waited at the gate!). Cost around 15€ to go inside the stadium. Yes, to enter this empty stadium, we have to pay. No need to ask why.
I'm not a real, Real Madrid fan, but since my fav star beckham played here before, might as well just drop by and see what the fuss is all about. I wasnt suprised to see that beckham posters was all over the wall, his shoes was on show , his jersey was still on Sale even thou he already move to LA Galaxy. Well, beckham popularity in undeniable.
Some ppl might not know that real madrid is also a basketball team. If I'm not mistaken, Real Madrid basketball Club won the European Basketball League last year. They have NBA quality players here. No wonder Spain is one of the big team in world basketball arena these days.
well, there are actually a lot more photos I have from madrid, but , maybe these are enuf for the timebeing. I need to go back to my studies. Errrgggh..... study is so boring... God.. pls help me....
my most visited website for the past few days was and is . Seriously, not interesting... but, what to do.. in order to be a good doc... bla bla bla.. va va va ... la la la... nite2 everyone :)


Waliz said...

ohhh study is boring...posing is interesting...

nan..u better be a model dr sheikh tuu..

hopefully one day u can be the first malaysian doctor to be in the moon..

Hannan said...

thanks waliz... but i am aiming for the mars...hehhehehe

Red Mummy said...

sakit tekak le

tumbang buang kahak jap


perkhhh lega..

doctor in the moon in the mars?


i salah blog

i ingat blog abang sheikh i.

intan kamaruddin said...

hahah.. kak red ni. biar la die nk mengidam jauh2. tk dapat mars planet, mars coklat ade :-p

tu real madrid dah tambah player baru eh? nk ckp ensem.. em. nk ckp tak ensem..tak. ensem ar! pasni leh letak kasut kat situ gak eh..

Hannan said...

yer.. kak red kite sakit lagi.. kesian die ...sape2 dok dekat VA tu... pergi la pass ubat sakit jiwa kat die ekk....

hehe..Intan... tepat skali :)

Red Mummy said...

va va va


Lily.Lulu. said...

kwang kwang kwang ..

rajin bebeno laa korang gaduh tuh

nan .. belanja kasut futsal satu
tq !!

Hannan said...

ek eleee lily.... kasut jer? court futsal pon bole... tunggu gua jadi plastic surgeon dulu ek..

mummysyafie said...

kasut jer display yer..jersi takdo ke