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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Malaysian being fooled again

Thank you KJ
The only minister or people up there who makes sense

The unfortunate event that happened a week ago during a Fa cup match btwn pahang n jdt,  has shown how stupid FAM is.
Like KJ Said, u r planning a bid to be a world cup host but u can't even handle a cup match.

Yes,  they fine pahang 100k rm. But pahang fa will get their money back during the repeat match today.

Tq to KJ for telling how FAM fools the whole Malaysian.
We all know who run FAM rite. They got fined 100k. Just to show how serious they are. How strict they are. Trying to fool us out here. Then they rearrange the match at a bigger venue,  the 100000 thousand sitting capacity stadium. Pahang is given 60000 seats. Each ticket cost rm13. U guys do the math. That is enough to cover the fined imposed by the FAM. Heck! They actually could earn more.

That is our rakyat money!  even JDT president wanted the game to be played behind close door. No spectator.
That should have happened actually, but FAM just want easy money from rakyat.

If the chaos caused by kelantan team, surely FAM will give free 3-0 win to the opposing or visiting team.

This event has showed how poorly FAM is handling this issue. Thank you to our KJ for standing up for the rakyat. Keep up the good work. FAM needs reform.


baby comel said...

Sebab tu harap kelantan je yg masuk final. TQ utk entri ni. All the best for both team tonight. FAM-pasni entah apa cerita pulak kan

kueh bakar said...

rileks la doc. sebagai peminat bola stadium penuh tu memang kehendak penyokong.

saya tak fikir peluang untuk buat duit dengan kapasiti 100 ribu penonton satu tindakan bodoh. ia cerdik. dan ketidak-adilan yang nampak pada hari ini akan digunakan sebagai rujukan pada kes di masa depan..

kelantan vs johor is my dream final since lamaaaaa dulu..

Hannan Yusof said...

Guess kueh Bakar is one of thEm. What u r trying to imply here that, it is pok to make big mistake so others can learn about it; so basically when shit happen.. We could blame it on " learning curve " excuse