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Monday, June 10, 2013

Vaccination is haram?

Well, this is not a new issue. An old one. But a never-ending story I reckon.
It is publicly known that vaccination is not haram in Islam... It is HARUS!
It is agreed by jumhur ulama.... It means...  most of the ulama agreed that vaccination is HARUS! Despite not having halal certificates. 
Some claimed that the vaccine used or made by the pharmaceutical company doesn't have halal certificates. Well, they don't. Why? Because they didn't allow the halal team inspection to check their lab in order to keep their formula secret from the rival
But that doesn't mean the vaccine is made from pig or dog
It is not haram and it is proven safe.
Seriously I dont understand why there are group of parent who refuse vaccination despite all the education and explanation given by medical staff.
I don't really care if some parent refuse vaccination for their baby.. It is her baby or his baby health... It is up to him or her
But then, if one baby who doesn't get vaccination...  so happened to get polio or measles...  these disease are highly contagious and could effect other people.. Not just babies.. Adults are in trouble as well.
So please.., to those who are against vaccination... Move ur family outside Malaysia... Or stay in the island..  If shit happened..  it won't effect other people! 


FeezaAkashah said...

sometime it also make me confuse, because i already taken vaccine for my 1st baby.. before i take vaccine for my 2nd baby, i was thinking vaccine is important or not..because of this issues..n so far my 1st baby didnt face any problem.. so i n my husbnd decide to take vaccine also for my 2nd baby.

Wahyu said...

I like ur comment Dr.It true to those who r antivaccination please leave this country, we don't want to expose with risky situation!!!

Aina Meducci said...

Salam Dr, I'd would like to ask you regarding vaccination...where can I get cholera vaccine? I've been looking for it recently because I need to take that before my trip to south India next month. I have called many clinics around KL and Selangor but they dont have that vaccine. I even called IMR but they say they do not produce cholera vaccine anymore. Please help me Dr Hannan :)

Aina Meducci said...

I will be appreciate if you can reply to me to my email add

TQ so much for your help. Slm

Mami-Sue said...

Penerangan yang ringkas tapi penuh bermakna. Thanks Doc!

Black Rose said...

Why are you so scared of the unvaccinated if you believe with certainty the efficacy of your vaccines?
Why is the public not given the access to the vaccine's package insert? Why worry? Folk, read the package insert first, do your own research first then you can condemn the vaccine deniers as you please!
If vaccines work you dont have to worry being surrounded by unvaccinated coz thats what vaccines do right, protect you when you need it! Thats why you are inoculated with vaccine so that you build IMMUNITY FROM THE DISEASE! If you dont build immunity, it means the vaccine didnt do its JOB!
And btw doctor, i am a malaysian! I have the right to live in this country, who are you to ask me to leave? I have not been vaccinated against all those DEADLY diseases of childhood, and MAYBE "coincidently" i've never had chicken pox, or asthma, or diphteria, or measles or mumps or rubella!
And what about hepatitis? Who are at risk for hepatitis? Drug users, having multiple sex partners, sharing needles and so on, i dont know abt you but my kids will not be doing these stuff at child age!
Why give hepB to babies who never have sex, or share needles with drug abusers, or abuse drug themselves, or getting involved in risky behaviours?