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Friday, May 25, 2007

Fever again....

Hi, to those who have been wondering where the heck am/was I, I've been sick for the past few days, to tired to reply all the msges. I'm having fever now (lucky i am sick now, not during my final exam period in 2 weeks time). So now, I'm recovering, Insya Allah, I'll be fully recovered by this weekend. ( pandai jer estimate sakit sampai biler ek.!) Even thou aku demam, tapi main bola tu mesti beb, mane bole tinggal. hhehehhee. Plus, i'm having problems with my ankle now. For those who have been wondering why on earth do i walk like Dr House lately, it's becoz my ankle is KILLING ME. Just found out that low cut shoes and my ankle are not good frens. So, need to start wearing my basketball shoes back... i think i'm gonna need to buy a new shoes today..... not becoz i want to.. becoz i need my normal ankle back...
dik red, get well soon ok.... jgn demam lame2 sgt ek


Red Mummy said...


wah kita sesama sakit ye bang

alo betapa bagai pinang dibelah dua gitu. secocok kan kita ni

demam sesama demam
ankle sakit sesama sakit, eh akak x sakit ankle akak sakit tangan coz dah lama x hayun racket!

sayda said...

owh demam ke..patut lama x update

get well soon n
all d best for exam