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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Massad 2007

-even thou i was late, still have time to pose-

MASSAD 2007, for those who didnt know what MASSAD is, it's the name given for our university annual grand dinner. Held every year, organized by 2nd year students. On the 1st thought, I couldnt be bother to attend this year dinner, but the promotion for this event is quite good, and I have some kind of feeling that FA CUP final wouldnt turn the way I wanted, so what the heck... I decided to buy the ticket which cost me 500rub (rm 90) which is quite cheap actually.

-these are my table mate-
The theme for the dinner was " the journey to remember, a night to cheerish" , ( or something like that ). The dinner started at 6.30pm, which is still bright and shiny here in moscow bcoz the sunset here is at 9.40pm nowdays. So, we were having dinner with sunlight actually. Anyway, no big deal about that , coz like the mcs said, "where else in the world we can have dinner at 7 or 8 pm with the sun is still shining brightly?" and someone in a black suit, black tie and LV belt answered.... " how about in Finland and Sweeden at summer time?"

-the not so available guys-

who's that guy huh? well, that guy came quite late becoz he played football before the dinner. When everyone else is ready and waiting for the bus, at 4.30pm that guy just came back home with sweaty shirt and dirty short. At 6,00pm then that guy is ready to go to the dinner. Took a cab, and arrived at the same time as the VIPS. What a great timing.... and yes... he missed the starter ( just salads ... no big deal).

-shida n I-

The dinner went well, the food was good. We had indian food... not so suprising i guess. We had beriani, and all different types of gravies plus lambs bbq , fish, chicken curry which are quite a good deal since i only paid 500rub for it. Thanks to Thai airways as the main sponsor of the event, b'coz honestly in moscow, if u go to a proper restaurant, 500rub will get u nowhere.

-shida n sue-

Thought out the whole night, I was busy checking my hp for the latest result for the FA cup final. Thanks God i'm not the only MAN UTD fan at my table. Even thou man utd lost, I'm not dead yet, and so does the team. There is always be next year - and to be honest, i'm not expecting man utd to be this good this season b'coz they have a very small team this year and didnt spend a lot on new players.-basketballers turned footballers-

The dinner ended at 11pm, it was a fun night - well done to the organizer, good job guys. Some of the performance was great, i love the disco dancing group... old school baby!!!!!... There was a after dinner party after that, with the concert and dance floor, but i couldnt be bother to join coz i was quite tired and need to wake up early the next day. -the end-


Red Mummy said...


letak gambo shida and i lagi

alah i x jeles la bang

i tetap kekasih hati mu yang satu

ooo hooooo

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

terlupa plak massad may 19th kn. can see that had a great time there. kak syida look sooo nice. hannan, hang da berjaya loss weight eh? baguih2.

aria ayumi said...

huiii cam ade iras2 je muka u n shida... hikss iras2 tang senyum kot... :D

ween said...

aahh ahhh lah ada irasssssss lagik........ sesuaiiiiii... kelas gituk

wénkt said...

dem.. nak tali pinggang tu!!!