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Saturday, May 05, 2007

the reunion - Jebon Journey part 2

On the 3rd day of Jebon n frens visit to Russia, we decided to go to St Petersburg. Kpd sorang budak ni yg x tau kat mane St pete tu... pergi search kat Google key... habis citer. Sebenarnya, St Pete ialah 2nd biggest state in russia selepas Moscow. Since moscow is more like an industrial, business center,heavy traffic, very high pollution, lembah maksiat punye tempat - St pete is more like a tourism state. Have a lot of beautiful buildings, less air pollution, more friendly ppl and mostly can speak english there, nearer to helsinki.... so... basically, it's a great getaway place from moscow.
Kat st pete ni, ade satu building yg sebijik mcm st basil kat moscow ni, but I forgot what's the name... and since it's a church... doesnt really bother me to know much about it.. but it's a great russian architectural witness... and it was built next to the river.. yes.. there are rivers thru out the city.. something like venice, but less prettier and more colder. THE REUNION OF SMS FARIS PETRA - JEBON-ZAK-HANNAN

So, as u can see on the pic above... u can take boat ride to go around the city.. a great way to venture St pete if u lazy to walk around. St pete is not a big city, kinda small... something like amsterdam- less prostitute and drugs, but colder... even in MAY!!!!... so sape2 nak pergi St pete before June.. make sure bawak winter clothing.... ku sangkakan panas hingga ke petang... rupanya snow ditengah hari... adeih... if u look carefully at the photo above, ppl on the boat are using blanket coz it was quite cold that day... not the weather to travel.. but nothing could stop our journey at that moment... (unless God said so laa).

So, after one day of none stop walking and a few coffee breaks, we manage to visit all the main tourist attraction at the city.. it was quite fun... yeah.. when u travel in quite a big group.. for me.. it doesnt matter how much historical/interesting places i visited... all that matter.. was how much i enjoyed the moment i spend with my frens... and that took away all the tiredness and cover me with warm feeling even in a very cold weather.... cehhhhhh... hampesss..
p/s kak red... ehh silap... dik red.. bile nak dtg moscow huh?


nuu_OL said...

cantik gak ye tmpatnye/leh jadio tmpt honeymoon :))

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

salam hannan,

nama building yg mcm st. basil tu is spas na krovi (binaan atas darah). dapat nama tu sempena architect yg bina tu dibunuh oleh tsar waktu tu sbb tsar tu marah dia bina the 2nd great st. basil in st. petersburg. tsar tu nak kalau boleh biar moscow je yg ada st. basil. (amacam? boleh jd tourist guide x? hehehe)

lg 1, if we go there before may 9th, summer palace (peterhof) is not opened yet. so we might miss the most attractive place-to-visit. sonok sgt kt sana. ada mcm2 game based on water kat taman istana tu. pendek cite, klu kuar je dr peterhof, boleh basah la badan sume.. (sure dh penah gi sana jgk kn?)

Red Mummy said...


i nak pi, but i nak assurance lu, kita ni dah declare gelpren boipren lom?

so kalo lom declare pastu i pi, susahlah i nak soping bagai, i nak u tanggung i kat sana.

anw, this yr i kena pi country lain, not yr place but if u ckp i ni gf u, i book flight ticket terus pi visit u, but u give me some moneys lah. i kan sengkek..

getik tol aku baca ayat yg aku tulih sendiri tu.

anw, hoi hannan, keje bks ko dah bermula nxt wk, ko jgn nak memonteng!!!

pearlEJ said...

jebon?? nape laa nama jebon ekk..

pearlEJ said...

still x pueh hati.. apsal nama dia jebon??