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Thursday, April 26, 2007

and they said milan can beat man utd.....

YESSS... another great nite!!!... what a game was yesterday. MAN UTD triumphed against milan. This is highest quality game i've seen so far this season ( 7-1 win on ROMA was a practise match for united.. no big deal). Actually, the scoreline would have been different last nite. Man utd could have win 5-2 at least. First class play from Ronaldo, Rooney, Scholes and Fletcher. BUT, with 5 usual starting line up was injured, and the 2nd string had to step up... 3-2 win was more than enuf. So, hopefully man utd can do the same at San Siro next week... ( but ppl always doubt it!!!!...) WE"LL see.

hhehehe... yes kak red, my life is sometime is all about football. A win by man utd, bring a thousand smile to me... so, if u want something from me, or u broke any of my stuff, or u forgot to return back my stuff on time... wait until man utd game. If they win, it's ur lucky day... if they lost (or draw) , u might have to pay it double!!!... ( dont worry.. man utd wins most of the time!!!)...OK... back to my real life... my frens from Germany are arriving tomorrow.... so... i'm gonna have a day off tomorrow so i'll be able to pick them up at the airport. tapi nanti kene masuk kelas tambahan la... xper.. member punya pasal..... layan jerk!!.. hehehe.. so.. esok will be a busy-busy day for me... hehehehe.. but .. i'll try to update this blog as usual... so.. tata for tonite.. gonna watch the game btwn chelshit n liverfool... see who gonna be man utd next the champs league final!!!!

p/s- gambar ni xder kaitan ngan citer kat atas. but, me n jed are the man utd fan... even we play against each other in basketball... but when it comes to football... we support the same team.


sayda said...

menang lagi?
rasa dah...
sbb tu sayda x tgk pun..yakin dah akan menang


Equilibrium said... season kompom ke ko jadik waterboy MU kaaaa???
tahniah ek.x sia2 ko jerit2 lompat2 kat dpn tv...ngeh ngeh ngeh

Red Mummy said...

apa yg menang lg ni? bola lagi?

halloo!!! bila nak abih cite bola ni?

eloknya masa MU menang ni, akk mintak ko belikan begs shoes baju bagai, sure dpt free nye lah kan bak dikata ko!

oi pi le jenguk blog abg matredo1, ada awek cun lam tu, ko mesti berkenannya lah.

tu gambo ko dok molek2 x leh ke, terkangkang2 jer, x selera mak mertua tgk tau tak

pearlEJ said...

dlm gambar neh nmpk sgt mcm kanak2 ribena... :p