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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


"A patient's history is as important as their symptoms. It's what helps us decide if heart burn's a heart attack... if a headache's a tumor. Sometimes patients will try to re-write their own histories. They'll claim they don't smoke, or forget to mention certain drugs... which in surgery can be the kiss of death. We can ignore it all we want, but our history eventually always comes back to haunt us."
Yup, like HOUSE MD said, ppl lie, patients lie - all the time. For us, med student, when the patient lies to us, it does cost a lot of trouble for us. We are just learning, and of course, as a student, it's very hard to tell either the patient is telling the truth, or they are hiding the truth, or they are making up another story... and as docs and med students, we have to deal with that everyday... hahahhaha.. suck huh... i'm not saying that everyone lies to each other... but, some of us did... i guess this is how the world keep moving... Now that i'm bz in the medical ward, i have to deal with diff type of patients everyday. For those who dont know much about warding system.... medical ward is for patient with sakit2 organ2 dalaman la... senang nak citer, mcm mild heart disease, sakit perut, sakit buah pinggang, anemia... bla bla bla... penyakit2 yang biasanya hanya dirawat dgn memakan ubat sahaja. Kalau memerlukan surgery, kene masuk surgical ward.
tomorrow is the D day for man utd fan. playing AC Milan in champs league semi final + away games, + all the starting line up defender are injured.. gonna be a big game. Draw would be a good result, but a win will show how much MU deserved the title!.


Red Mummy said...

bola bola bola!!!

janji akak dah menang chess!

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...


klu patient tu yg tipu, thats a thing. 1 more thing if, we get russian studs as partners. benci sgt. hari tu time neuro, mula2 sy n sorg lg grpmate ni je. alih2 ada 2 lg russian jd partner kitorg. kita patutnya tanya based on plan of investigation la kn. x de la terabur je soalan. tp yg diorg tu, lepas headache, headache lg. mkn ubat apala utk headache tu, selalunye bila kenanya. anamnesis vitae x tny langsung. dh termiss part tu.sedangkn mmg patient tu ada hereditary disorder. buang masa mcm tu je. alih2 hari nk submit case report, dtg pinjam tgk yg kitorg sbb dia x buat lg. padan muka x dpt zachut on time. haha.

*sarah tgh emo* =p

ween said...

i hate liars.. hate them.. especially when a lie has to be covered up with another lie.. oh man.. and there will be miles & miles of lies..

the thing is i cant lie.. very bad at it, when i do, ppl can tell.. but then again, ppl lie going tru daily life.. what to do??

TheBigKahuna said...

i know that quote...

it's meredith grey who said it in the latest episode of GA..

god i love that show.. and yet i'm super afraid of blood. how's that for irony?

pearlEJ said...

ehhh gambar neh pun mcm kanak2 ribena gak lerr...