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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Why dysport botox is not haram

Seriously I am so tired of people claiming botox is totally haram

Yes the Malaysian fatwa council has decided that botox is haram
But not all kind of botox is haram.
Especially dysport which I am using it widely right now

The fatwa said the botox is haram based on 3 issue
1. Botox is made from pig
2. Botox is dangerous and harmful
3. Botox changes the structure of the face.

Occay,  so let's see..

No 1.... Dysport is not made from pig or its substances; proven by the company. There are many other type of botox which is made from pig.. But not dysport.. So.. We are settled with this issue.

No 2. Botox is dangerous and harmful. According to majlis fatwa... The harmful dosage is 5000 unit and above.
Based on my experience and other Dr...  the amount we used for aesthetic usage of botox is maximum 300unit per patient
, which is about 5 percent of lethal dose. Which made the botox is harmless and not dangerous at all. Nobody in right mind would use 5000unit of botox at one time. Taking 100 pills of panadol could kill u instantly, why is panadol is easily available at any store????

Number 3.... Botox will not change ur face structure. It will only remove the wrinkle around ur face. Nothing more. People will still recognized u; it is just like wearing make up. It tightens the loose part of the injection area. Nothing more.

So there u go..
Please read n make research before u start claiming this is haram... That is haram.. Be smart.  don't make yourselves look stupid ;)

Anyway, for those who is interested in botox treatment...  could email me for detail

The market price for botox is about rm1000 for 100 units

For whole face u will need about 300 units, about rm3000

But currently I m having promotion on this! 


fifi said...

Hi dr,

berapa lama kesan botox ni akan kekal and, lets say if u're using 300 units, in future do u need to increase the dose

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Hello yes your view is also correct!!!Tiny amounts of Dysport are injected directly into the facial muscles underlying the frown lines. It usually takes three to five small, almost painless injections between the eyebrows for an effective treatment.

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robin adley said...

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