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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Medical miracles

I was watching the national geographic channel yesterday evening while waiting for breakfasting...
They were showing the medical miracle programme..

In the show,  one of the case is from Malaysia
A 3 years old girl who has cancer and require bone marrow transplant.
The parent brought their baby to Taiwan to undergo the procedure...

I was heartbroken seeing the difficulty and the pain suffered by the parent and the kid herself....

Watching the doctors there doing the job to save the kid reminds me of my hospital days.

I miss the old days. Working at the hospital. Saving life.  dealing with life threatening cases. The adrenaline never stop pumping!

I wish I could continue doing that, being a real doctor...

But it was really tiring. I was mentally exhausted and drained. Have a lot of respect for those doctors who keep working at the hospital. Doing the real job.

Looking myself in the mirror, I am not that doctor anymore. Being a gp and aesthetic practitioner...  I don't deal with life threatening cases anymore. But,  maybe it is the best for me. Aesthetic is my passion, I love beauty. Yes I am a medical doctor and I miss all those heavy duty work in the operating theatre and the icu... But my heart doesn't belong there.

Hopefully other doctors won't follow my step, please work at the hospital,  deal with real patient,  treat real disease.... 
We need u guys. That s why I told my other half,  the best thing u could do for me is to become a specialist doctor.  to compensate for the lost I cause to our health system :)

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