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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cant hardly wait

it has been a lovely day for me
everything well as planned.
I have a real big news to all my friends :)
Despite all the bad things happened to me lately,
there's the silver lining.
Nonetheless, not gonna leak the suprise for the time being :)
gonna keep it HOT!
keep on waiting everyone..
for those who lives in Kota Bharu...
u are up for a real treat!

Me is going to KL this weekend :)
yeah.. this weekend gonna be "the weekend"
my bday comin up.
Micheal Bay presented me with transformers 2
let's go and watch to movie together... anyone??


sal said...

hi doc.

had been ur silent reader for almost 2 skrg da xleh silent da.


anyway,happy birthday in advance

hope can coming up with cheerful post after this ^_^

EllyEllies said...

nk ikut..haha

nazzfikri said...

g tgk...citer dia mmg best...lg byk action than yg 1st episode