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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Story of a bumblebee

I was reading at my sister in law blog that my beloved nephew was really into transformers. Hencefoward - considering they are back home in kelantan for the school holiday , I decided to buy the bumblebee for Umar :) So, after finished my work in the morning , I rushed to the mall and searched my this little robot. Luckily, they have this creature sold at the mall... and i bought it..

When I got back home and I showed umar the box - he was really excited... I could see his face was totally in shock - a bit unbelieve that his hero in the tv suddenly at his hand! He just hugged me.. kissed me.... then took the box and paraded the box around the house - showing off to everyone that he got the transformers - which by the way - he called this thing " takutla " for some reason I couldnt understand.

... and he loved it so much.....
..... and after fighting the good fight...travelling thru few planets... killed a lot of decepticons...
and bumblebee lost his left arm.... :)

1 comment:

MULAN said...

adooiii.. injured dah transformer tu. doctor kasi sambung laa..