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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr Hannan says

Ronaldo is being sold to Real madrid for 80 million pound...
and he's expected to be earning 200000 pound per week there..

not too sure how much I worth..
but I'm earning far more less that what ronaldo get every single second!

Yes, we come to this part again..
where I whine about my life
so bear ur eyes reading my crazy thought
but , in another view.. i'll prove my point.

Government doctors in Malaysia is being paid minimally
compared to other countries
The other day at the newspaper, A doctor wrote about..
" the gov should take care of their dr "
it's true... very true...

Dont take me as an unthankful bastard for saying this after what the gov gave me.
As a matter of fact , If we are to thank the gov ... everyone must work in the gov sector..
coz we all owed the gov.
But then, eventually, the gov doesnt own us coz we are the gov..
ok.. it's getting confusing..
my point is - I'm thankful to the gov , but then, doesnt mean I have to serve the gov for the rest of my life.
If we all have to pay back what the gov gave us - might as well turn our gov into communist...

So, back to my story... the taking a good care of gov doctors..
yes... it is..
the gov doctors are earning very less money compared to those who work in private sector.
If the gov didnt take action in this issue..
eventually - the doctors will go and work at the private hospital or clinic coz definitely they get better salary there.
Hence, only a few doctors left at the gov hospital..

honestly, I dont see myself working at the gov hospital for too long
if the gov dont revise the salary of doctors..
we dont ask for Ronaldo salary..
but just a little bit more..
imagine.. all those specialists and consultant who works at the gov hospital..
their frens ...who have the same qualification.. work at the private hospital.. could earn as much as rm 100 k per month or more...
but for those who work at gov hospital.. their salary would be just around 10k... ( kadang x sampai pon )

therefore, if the gov do not take serious action about this issue..
eventually.. all the good doctors only can be found at the private hospitals..
and... sape yang rugi? rakyat jugak kan..
if the gov is willing to pay a little bit more..
the citizen could have a better medical treatment :)

anyway.. this is just my simple thought..
coz ... after what i've been thru..
to be a specialist... is a bloody hard job..
and to be paid that little when u are a specialist...
mmmm.... I would think twice..
maybe I'll just open a shop..
jual beras siam jer kot....


Aineena said...

dr. hannan, saya sangat2 setuju dgn pdpt awak..even though saya bukan doktor , tp since saya juga govt. servant yg deal with public, saya paham beban keje sorg doktor...taperle, kumpul duit byk2 pastu buka klinik sendiri ok. n dun forget to inform nama klinik n d location...

liza said...

saya paham situasi yg dr hadapi which same with other civil servants yg have to give up offer from private sector for the sake of repaying the governments scholar. tiada apa yg mampu dilakukan buat masa ini *unless saya jadi pm saya akan naikkanlah gaji govt servants*. tapi sentiasa ingat bahawa akan ada hamba allah yang sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan dr sekeluarga atas khidmat yang diberikan. including those yg baca ur blog

eLLe FaRiDa said...

Hi Dr Hannan, surprise gak jupe tuan dr kat kbmall aritu.
err, jual beras siam? takyah g rusia pn takpe...hihi
btw, knape tak bnyk gambar tunang aritu?