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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a jinx?

happy belated "selamat pengantin baru" tu kak Vagg on her wedding!
Such a lovely couple!
Sorry akak xder hadiah for ur wedding... next time tuntut k!
Being a doctor, I dont have enuf free time to attend all the wedding invitations..
I'm so sorry to my dear frens who had invited me to their wedding...
but due to my hectic work schedule. .. I was unable to attend most of the glorious ceremonies -
which I dearly regretted.. No hard feeling k..
if u guys got married again in the future , I'll make sure I'll come to the wedding...even it will be held at thailand ...

and again... to those who are getting married ... and just got married.. a very big congratulation !


vagg. said...

tq han.. :)
the most important thing was, u made an effort to attend it, right?

lain kali kita jumpa lagi, k!

vagg. said...

i mean.. tq from both of us

Mrs.Sheikh said...

cantik aa kaler baju akak nii..lawa ...