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Sunday, June 07, 2009

I'm hungry

I'm hungry.. very hungry..
I want my dinner rite now.
but too lazy to go out... sigh - story of my life

A few days back - a fren of mine just came back from KL for school holiday.
Definitely he's not in school anymore !
Just came back to Kelantan to attend our fren's wedding...
and he was complaining...
" sigh... when am I getting married ... awek xder.. sape la nak kat aku "
me " mmm " ( malas nak layan bab ni )
he " beb... cari awek utk aku sorang.. ko kan terrer bab pompuan ni "
me " mmm "
he " weh.. serius ni !"
me " ko nak yg camner? "
he " yang bole buat bini "
me " semua pompuan bole buat bini beb.. cukup sifat pompuan tu.. sah la jadi bini "
he " yer la tu... kedekut ilmu la tu.. member pon x nak tolong "
me " iskh.. ape lak... ko nak cari bini.. ko la cari.. kang aku cari.. aku lak yg berbini kang "
he " ala.. member ape ko ni... "

Well.. that's my dilemma..
being labelled as a womenizer by my fellow frens isnt what I am proud of..
Honestly - i'm totally disagree with that...
yes.. strongly against it..
but that's what people assumed me for

if I'm that good with women ..
i would be a dad by now..
rite now - I'm still learning about women ..
some says it's an impossible job ( which is very true )
but i'm trying my best to understand this delicate creature a.k.a the ladies...
rite now.. just hoping I'm not the last one among my frens who'll be married..

p/s - tgh kumpul duit banyak2 nak kawin ni.. adei.... :P
love u sayang! - yes.. i mean u la...

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