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Sunday, June 21, 2009

life goes on

last week would have been one of the worst week of my life
lots of bad things happened
Nonetheless, life must go on.

There's no much time to be sad and gloomy
shit happened, so what?
everything has a solution
I'm sure
it's just that , sometime we dont try hard enuf to find it

Those are my warming up sentences.
it's been a tough week
but i need to keep going
there gonna be more responsibility for me now
and I'm sure I'm up for it

I did screwed up here and there in my life
not very proud of it
and I believe it's time to put an end of that part
time to be "the man "

Speaking of which...
happy father's day to all dad in the world.. and yes that include u papa!
( umm.. he's not reading my blog anyway. )

Actually men dont need a special day dedicated for them
unlike women :p
Yes, the ladies want the women's day , the mother's day, the secretary day, teacher's day, valentine day - all of which are dedicated to women specifically.
but men , we dont even care what day dedicated to us..
coz we are the man rite?
everyday is "the man" day!

1 comment:

darlene said...

hi, unfortunately 'the secretary day, teacher's day, valentine day' are not only meant for women, doc.