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Friday, June 12, 2009

well done !

Congratulation to all my junior back in moscow !
Yes... u guys are technically are doctors now... yeaaaayyyy..
Definitely a big relieve for everyone.
I'm sure , after years of hard work and pain in moscow
and finally graduating ... the feeling is just fantastic :)

A big round of applause for these new doctors ...
Definitely U guys just cant wait to go back home to Malaysia ..
meet the family ...
Ur families will be very proud of u ...
"Yer la.. mak mane x hepi anak jadi doctor kan?"
" mak mentua lagi la super duper hepi ... x gitu cik kiah? "

U guys done a great job :)
BE prepared for the celebration ..
and get used to the title DR!

Nevertheless - what I mentioned just now..
is just a "mini" part of ur future life...
based on my experience...
what u'll be facing.. .. gosh.. u just dont want to know!
I remember last time when I met my senior who already a doctor
and I was just graduated..
he said " Congratulation and welcome to hell "

At first I though " dude... what the F***! "
I just finished my med school... it wasnt and easy job
and definitely I dont want to go to hell..
But then, after I stepped my foot at the hospital as a doctor ..
I completely understood the word " hell"

Hencefoward , to all the newly grad doctors :)
enjoy the moment..
U deserved all the celebration...
U deserved a big present from ur parent..
A kiss from ur girl...
A hug from a fren....
A SMILE from a ur Mother in law or future mother in law...
Just stop thinking about the horrible part when u become a doctor,
and just enjoy the moment...

Coz, the celebration wont last that long..
Once u get ur 1st punch card ...
be ready to be at the ward by 630 a.m..
with ur sleepy face...
dealing with all kind of patients..
and be prepared for the ultimate mental torture....
it 'll be ur worst nightmare ... trust me..
After a few weeks , U'll get the news that some of ur fren - resigned / quit..
coz not everyone could be a doctor..
Yes... u could be the brain..
but to be a doctor ... u have to learn to work with ur dignity stuck in the toilet bowl.
Sound cruel.. but it's a true story ..
Sorry to break the news guys..
but it hurts being a doctor!

rileks la bro... saje2 acah korang jer ni!..
congrate beb..
kalau aku bole survive.. korang pon bole la...
no worry..
xder lagi kes houseman mati kene bunuh oleh specialist...
kalau bunuh diri tu ade la kot


n said...

congrate doctor!
well, life is a hell after being a doctor depends on how cool u are to face the challenges in ur life!
so all da best!

p/s: yeah it's an enormous proud to be a dr..but just reminding 4 u to be humble at all time...even after getting the tittle 'dr....
gud luck
may success always be with u Amin

UNCLE W said...

tula, sapa yang suruh hangpa pi ambik medic dulu...haaa kalu jadi ingenieur kan senang...