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Friday, June 26, 2009

perfect start

Me in KL Now...
leaving the hospital for a good few days
need some AiR.. :)
definitely not fresh air here in KL!
well.. i just need to be away from being a doctor toward my birthday

and today got my 1st bday present from all my dear readers
I got 100 followers! thank you guys.
appreciate it!

THinking of going to KLcc later...
let's go !!!


pwincess AJA said...

happy burfday bro han!!!
may ALLAH S.W.T bless U
wish many happy returns to U

pst;cpt2 kawen ngan k.ida ok!!!;)))

sd. said...

happy birthday hans.

KV said...

han, beberapa bulan lps rasanya akak tgk han dekat tesco. Hihi. Tp segan lah nak tegur.;P

oh, yer, hepi besday!