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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

I had a wonderful birthday celebration at the hard rock cafe last weekend. It was a blast, everything was great... would like to thank my darling Shida for making thing happened! Love u a lot darling!!!!
Although a few my beloved frens couldnt make it to the party , ( yes... I mean u EJ ! and kak nor too!! )
Above... a gift from kak red and sirman for me :) that's a start!

the birthday boy! With a big smile all night long... well.. all day long actually!
I was so happy that day... :)
It may not be biggest party... but my closest frens were there.. and that was all that matter!
* me wearing my bday party shirt given by shida :)

Kak red in her stunning Versace dress... hehehe.. thanks akak for the "home made" bday cake!
Finally, it was my treat! Asyik akak jer blanjer... :) thanks a lot for coming! Love u a lot!!1
Wenkt with his special gift to me... yeah a big bottle of champange !!!! ahahaaha... yes... a really big one... but with no bloody alcohol. Pretty much like a juice.. yes.. grape juice.. baik utk kesihatan dan kecantikan kulit anda... :)
thank u wenkt!
These ppl are my " susah hidup " kawan....
we may not spend a lot of time together.. but whenever I need help.. or anything.. these 2 ppl were always there for me...

Sirman, kak red and urs truly... sirman being the cameraman for the night. Most of the photos on that nite , werent sent to me yet.. so yang ade kat sini just photos from the shida's camera phone... which explained why her photo is not here yet. need to wait for sirman email for her photo!Juliza ... made a late apperance that night. In spite of her busy schedule.. still manage to attend my party :) Thanks dear ... ur presence was a present to me!
just in case ....this is to show that the big bottle wasnt an alcoholic drink :) just one big bottle of grape juice.. thanks wan!


vagg. said...

happy birthday, bro.
happy for u! :)

lady D said...


sitekateki | dD said...

happy bithday Dr.
muda agi Dr ni yer...

mummysyafie said...

hapi bufday adik..ngeh..ngeh..rugi tak join..