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Saturday, June 13, 2009

How well do you know Dr Hannan ?

How well do you know Dr Han

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Hannan Yusof

1) Dr Hannan drives
a) civic
b) lancer
c) mazda
d) perdana
e) ferrari

2) Dr Hannan played what in high school and university
a) futsal
b) basketball
c) volleyball
d) badminton
e) rugby

3) Dr Hannan never been to?
a) Salzburg
b) Venice
c) Lille
d) Brugge
e) Lisbon

4) Dr Hannan fav drink?
a) Coke
b) Ice Lemon tea
c) Lychee
d) Nescafe
e) 100 plus

5) Dr Hannan fav criteria for girls?
a) pretty!
b) hot!
c) clever!
d) well mannered!
e) manja!

6) Describe Dr Hannan
a) cool
b) handsome
c) hot
d) awesome
e) most eligable bachelor

7) Dr Hannan would kill for?
a) Money
b) Girl
c) A ferrari
d) His own hospital
e) his pride and dignity

8) Dr Hannan fav tv channel
a) AXN
b) Star world
c) Travel and living
d) Star Movie

9) Dr Hannan fav actress
a) Megan Fox
b) Rozita Che wan
c) Nora Danish
d) Jessica Alba
e) Angelina Jolie

I posted this QUIZ at my facebook profile yesterday. Suprisingly, a lot of ppl managed to spend their precious time to answer the quiz. Unfortunately, NONE of them could even pass the 50% mark! Sighh.. I wonder u can score 100% in this simple quiz... anyone?


Mrs.Sheikh said...

jawab kat sini je la ye..

1. b
2. b
3. macam d(belgium) macam a(austria) ...huhuhuhu aci tak??
4. e
5. c
6. e
7. d
8. e
9. e

Hannan said...

hdhehehe... 3 jer betul... cube lagi!

Mrs.Sheikh said...

ler..3 je ker.. iskk..

liza said...

ask kak shida to answer the q la bro..sure semua betul nye..