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Tuesday, June 03, 2008



I'm shida's lawyer - ( representing my own GF ) , protesting ur decision for the 30,000 visitor competition that was being held in ur blog. As u can see in ur email - my gf had sent the email a few days ago - meaning , she is the truthful winner of the competition. Therefore , I had fowarded the "email" to the Chief Justice of Royal High Court and I would like to ask for a special panel/ royal commision to be formed to investigate and rec0nsider this case. I also would like this case to be review by the United Nation and WHO. Thank you :P
p/s - EJ <- we love u :P


pearlEJ said...

hahahahahahahahahaha.... adoihhhhlaa!! sama aja tau gf n bf neh!! sama2 nottyyyyyyyyy!! x per, nanti balik malaysia dua2 org nanti kena okeh! hahaha.. :p

meen said...

hahah..k.meen pun tertipu ngan keseriusan ayat2 tu..ada2 je ida n hannan ni hehe

mummysyafie said...

wah...kapel 2 org ni yang menang..nan..leh share ke? hihihihi

green apple said...

ni pehal lak ni.

la, ingatkan kenal rockrider9.1 tu. abis tu your another blog rockrider tu team member kan?