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Friday, June 27, 2008

I cant sit still - adam!

What a cute lil boy rite? so nice with the tie :) Must be a big fan of avril lavinge :P To those who didnt know me yet, my name is adam! I'm a very good-nice little boy. I love to pose in front of the camera.... But...
... not for long thou! This tie is killing me! I cant breath! I need to get this thing out! Someone PLEAASSEE help me!!!!!
But I cant take off the tie , it's too complicated for me! Now give me the camera, I wanna see my photos! quiccckkk!!!! I want it now! Now Now nOwww. :P
Flying kick to Uncle Cool for not letting me play with the camera!!! Even thou my little sister damia was sleeping just next to us , me couldnt care less coz my name is adam!!!
After 100 round of wrestling, sumo , judo , karate and taekwondo - finally adam is asleep! As usual, damia being a nice girl :) Adam - charging his energy for the next round. Uncle cool - half dead !


wénkt said...

bagus je dukung adam tu.. hhaha

Mrs.Sheikh said...

aduhaii...nan..ada ciri2 bapa mithaliii....:)

nieja said...

eii..comeynye adam..

bro, epi bday!
n epi annv utk bro n sis shda!
:) nak post kat chtbox
tapi tetibe failed psal ntah

n hpy blted bday 4 ur mom :)

zeti said...

btul ckp mrs_sheikh..
da ada ciri2 bapa mithali
b'untung shida dpt hannan ni.. ehehe..

Lily.Lulu. said...

geram dengan si kecik kenit nih ..
adoi !!

pearlEJ said...

eheeee.. balik malaysia neh dh boleh pikir dh kot kearah itu... :D

mummysyafie said...

hahahaah...mesti uncle cool tu bagi ubad tido kat adam kan