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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shopping Trip :)

Few days back - we went for shopping spree at the Europeon center :) Yeah, indulging myself after a long hard ass-kicking final exam streak! Well, actually it was more like a window shopping for me coz rite now I'm very worried about my stuffs which I need to send back home. Therefore, everytime I wanted to buy something, the thought that I need to spend more on the "cargo" - really turned off my shopping need!
6 of us , including adam and little baby damia. Damia really amazed me on that day! She behaved nicely all day long and it was a total opposite of adam who became the freedom fighter rebellion ! me - just realize how hard to bring little kids for shopping! WOw.... it made me felt sorry for my parents. It must be such a pain in the ass to bring me around the supermarket/shopping mall. Sorry mom n dad! I know that I was twice as "uncontrolable" compared to adam. Double the hassle, double trouble to bring me around when I was a kid!

Now, everytime I see mothers bringing their children to the mall - I had an upmost respect to them!
on the way back home, we took a de-tour at the garden in front of the famous moscow state university. Unfortunately, when we reached there, it started to rain and very windy, but it didnt stop us from taking photos!
Tonite is a very special day for me n shida! What about tonite ? As I told u before - June is a very special for me - full of celebration and tonite is one of them!


Mrs.Sheikh said...

june yg best,.
june yg syok..


p/s: gambar taman itu sungguh cantikkkk menarikk..

zeti said...

nice view kat tmn tu..
june u all nyer anniversary ek ;)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ bukan senang nak bawak kids kuar jalan2 kat mall. mcm2 karenah kan?

ur anniversary ker? happy anniversary to both of u. :) ~

axim said...

nanti wat la lagu bulan Jun khas untuk diri sendirik..hehe

pearlEJ said...

tonite ker?? bukan 2morow nite ker han?? ehhh konpius la kejap.. hari neh 26kan?? sepatutnya 27 tu eve kann?? haishhhhhhhh... explainnnnnnnn plsssssssssssss!!!

^eMiKo^ said...

what ever it is,hope u guys are having a lot of fun!! hehe...

happy whatever it is to you!!

mummysyafie said...

ooo...ada 2 celebration yer..