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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Take a bow

Our Final exam started this morning , 6th June 08. Here, it's called the "Government Exam" -in short - the gov exam. Consist of 3 part , started with the mcqs - which we did today , the next one will be the practical on the 16th June - followed by the viva on the 21 June - which also known as the liberation day for us the final year student.
The mcq exam took place at the university today . Since the uni itself located just about 3.5 km away for mi"casa" - it only took me around 15 mins by walking or 10 mins by bus. Had very little sleep last nite , I slept at 4 am. Then I woke up again by 630 pm. Since it's summer - the dawn started pretty early - subuh is at 250am. So, technically, I only had around 2 hours sleep prior to exam.

Well, the plan was - go to the exam - finish by 10am - then go back n sleep. It said that the exam should start at 830am. However, the state exam commisioners arrived pretty late at our uni - therefore the exam only started at 10am. I was so damn sleepy during the exam. My head was spinning and in my mind - all I could think about was my bed :P.

Eventually, the exam finished by 12 and I quicky ran back home to get some sleep. huhuh.... Well, the lesson we could learn here is - it's ok to get little sleep bf ur exam :P - should the exam started on time - I should have be back to sleep by 11pm. heheheh.. Well, when u set ur brain to get a rest at certain time , it'll automatically go to rest when the time comes. That what happened to me today. Me <---- pretty much is a robot now :P

anyway, about the previous entry - hehehe.. no worry. My head was just a bit messed up yesterday. Just my nonsense :P

Tomorrow - going to embassy for "makan-makan" .... sape nak ikut? JOM!!!!


eilawaniey said...

Mekasih..awk pun sama..gudluck utk peksa..

*SiRibenMerah said...

exam sudah abesh..
mau g mkn2 yek?
nk itutttttt~

*sambil jalan lonjak2*

AzAzura said...

poor thing , remeber to get plenty of rest and zzz... 16th and 21st and for tomorrow selamat makan-makan and load some pictures will ya? want to see what you ate. :)

W1 said...

oo..pass d? not bad....
gd luck for the rest of it!

Shah said...

All the best for the rest of the finals. And if you're coming back here - all the best la housemanship nanti - 2 years of pure torture muahahaha....

mummysyafie said...

best nye bila exam dah nak abis kan..