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Monday, June 30, 2008

Moscow Zoo

It was raining heavily in the morning yesterday, fortunately the sky became brighter toward the afternoon - therefore we could proceed with our plan to visit the zoo. Since adam is technically been in moscow for the past 1 year , he's not been seeing any live animal , and his mother ( kak yan ) thought that it would be good for him to see with his own eyes that the animal that he watches everyday in the tv really exist!
It only took 30 mins to reach the zoo for kak yan's house. After a few minutes at the zoo we realized that adam wasnt really interested with the animals. Maybe becoz the animals didnt look as pretty as the animal cartoons he saw on tv. Apparently, he prefered to just climb the stairs and did some stunts himself instead.
One intersting fact about the moscow zoo is - it's located at the city center. The zoo is surrounded by apartments, offices and heavy traffic. Therefore - it's very accessible! Plus, free entrance for students, teachers , kids , policemen , army and people on wheelchair! How cool is that. So, yesterday, only kak yan n tina had to pay for the tickets!

After a while... we did what malaysia do best.. camwhoring!
3 ladies and 1 boy! As the ladies were busy posing , adam was drinking the popcorn! ( kata adam - sape suruh letak popcorn dalam gelas kannn ? )

shida finally met her long lost good fren , the "kambing gurun"
Adam was more interested in bubble's baloon then watching the zebras mating. What the heck rite, as long as he was happy!
kak yan became the zoo's clown for the day , firing the bubbles balloon from the frog's gun! The gun made the frog sound while shooting the bubble balloons. Apparently , she managed to make a lot of children crying - asking their parent to buy the same thing!
We all had a wonderful time at the zoo :) Maybe this is my last visit at the zoo .... sigh,.. so sad. I'm leaving moscow very soon
P/s- no animals photo as I was busy playing with adam :P , but u can check tina's blog!


Adry said...

huhu... nice... i laugh on "shida finally met her long lost good fren , the "kambing gurun"

hahaha :)

Mrs.Sheikh said...

bangunan aper yg kat belakang u yg cantikk tuu..gambar yg u sorong baby tuu??

Mat Gebu said...

hahaha..nak gelak juga statement "shida finally met her long lost fren, the "kambung gurun"....Haiyooo...hannan!!, jgn ko jadi kambing gurun sudah lah beb...

zeti said...

bestnye gi jln2
dr.hannan mmg suka bdak2 ek?
manja tul adam ngan uncle Han dia


pearlEJ said...

wakakakakkaka.. adoihh.. tak kena cubit ker dgn ida??

mummysyafie said...

gi zoo kat shida..nan ni mmg nak kena tau