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Monday, March 03, 2008

monday is boring!

I just found out today that my graduation will be on the 1st of JULY. Ermm.. not too happy about it. Why? because, the later the graduation date will be, the later I'll be able to fly back home. In this case, the latest I could go back home, would be 20th july. Or maybe worse, early august. Not what I had in mind. The problem is , our certificate will be in Russian Language. Therefore, after the graduation - we need to send our degree to the Russian Ministry of foreign affair to translate it into english. This part of process will take weeks and a lot of money. So, to all the generous rich people out there who would like to sponsor my "degree translation" - I'm more than happy to accept that!!! hahahaha.... :P Frankly speaking, this translation process would cost around 300-400usd , about rm1200 .. approximately -maybe more, but wont be less than that. Well, apparently this graduation thingy will cost me a lot of money. The high tea, the dinner, the graduation day itself, the robe... well - this degree doesnt come cheap at all! I honestly need a personal sponsors for that.. anynone? dato? datin? jom buat amal jariah....
The general election is coming soon and I know that money is been given around like water, might as well pass a few thousand bucks to me :P Occay then, enuf with this money talk. We'll get back to it later in my other post! This photo above are my niece - Imah and her younger brother umar :) I miss them a lot. They are my only niece and nephew at this moment. I'm not sure that umar could still remember me or not. I wasnt in Malaysia when he was borned. Now he should be 2 years old. Last summer when I got back home, I did spend a lot of time playing with these 2 kids. Sighhh... looking at family matter - I do missed a lot of my family occasions. Let's list it down .. hmmmm

1. I missed my 2nd brother wedding
2. I missed all my cousins' weddings so far ( 4 of them!)
3. I'm gonna miss tina's wedding this May- which will make it 5 weddings,
4. I missed 6 aidil fitri and 6 aidil adha at home!
5. I missed Umar 0 birthday ,
6. I missed seing Imah growing up ,
7. I missed both of my brothers' graduation day
8. I'm gonna miss this coming general election which is supposedly should be my 1st time voting

I missed a lot.... the list is endless... these are the sacrifices I had to make to get my MD degree.. it better be worth it!


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

woohhhooooo!!! bykkkk tuh yg die neh misz
how bout me me me??? hikkksss!!!

dats means u n ida goin'to meet kiki n I in early August ler neh ek
confirm da date dgn tepat kh
coz...probally both of us might flying to KL on August too


okidokisan said...

ermm....perlu ker mengundi tuh???

for me, mcm tak penting jer! ;P

eedany said...

sabar-sabar yer nan...tak lama lagi tu :)

Nanti dah sampai sini...ingat nak ke sana pula...

Ziana said...

saba nan..
after this sure u x miss pape dah

dah ade ke dato datin yg nak sponser?

pearlEJ said...

ohhh lama lagi la ehh baru leh fly balik mesia neh...

uihhh.. utk translate the cert pun kena bayar sampai mcm tu ehh?? mahalkann...

kalau laa ej kaya, leh arr sponsor kan han.. :)

elynagriffin said...

it's true u 've missed quite a lot of family occasions,it's okay so long as they're for worthwhile cause :)

Red Mummy said...

as per our ym chat

u know i know


weii, jgn lupa pesanan penaja

ko nak akak taja ko?

apa akak dapat?? hikss

cecukup le selama ni aku jadi mak datin ko nan

x ckp lg ke??

u miss my bday! u forgot ke?

Lord Budak said...


Monday will utterly boring when you start working.

Skarang ni ok lago kot

hehehehehehe and Wednesday we'll celebrate for going thru to quarter final. Glaro Glory Man United

Hannan said...

zie - hehehe... kan han kate list tu endless... bnyk lagi yg han x tulis kat situ.. :P
rindukan zie pon masuk jugak dlm list tu!

Hannan said...

iefa- finally iefa... a few words from u dear.. i miss u a lot!!!!
hehehe.. mengundi tu saje2 isi masa lapang!

Hannan said...

ziana - hehehe.. xder lagi ni dato2 datin2 yg call.. so - kalau ade kenal sape2.. cepat2 la ek....

Hannan said...

EDANY - hehe.e.. betul tu.. actually sayang jugak nak tinggalkan moscow ni.. sighh..

Hannan said...

EJ - aii.. buat2 tanya nampak cik ej... sponsor2 ni bole claim tax deduction kan ej.. ape salahnya kan...

Hannan said...

elyna - they better be :)`

Hannan said...

redmommy akak ku sayang..
akak akan dpt kasih sayang yg x ternilai dari saya ni tau :P
yer la, akak la datin yg paling bnyk berjasa dalam hidup saya ni ...setakat ni la..
mane tau kot2 ade lagi datin lain nak buat amal jariah lepas2 ni kan... :P...
anyway, akak kan tau saya sayang akak.. tu yg penting!

Hannan said...

hehehe,,, LORD BUDAK..
malam ni, celebration time,.. oyyeeaahhH!

[LADYKiKi] said...

oits.. sekali kiki kan dlm lsit tu tp tak tertaip.. hahahahah =D cayammmm kamu...

elynagriffin said...

oh hannan, ure so last year.

1.come back for the cuppies
2.aifaa&shakir is a hot item .for such a long time alredi la


anyway i just tagged u.
dont hate me k.

Rara Dinzly Lee Codith said...

hello hannan ;D

salam ziarah ;)

eh pict yg kat atas tu ala2 Dr.Sheikh la . keh8

eh i link ur blog ok? ;D

mummysyafie said...

byk benor benda yang ko tertinggal nan