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Saturday, March 29, 2008

tentang saya

Yes it is. No sex, no children , no life. U cant argue with that rite ( but the fact is , life is a God's creation to start with) Nonetheless , let's get on with my life. It has been a very tiring month for me. Yes it is. Out of the whole month, there are only 4 days that I felt very energetic. Only during the day that I'm playing football. The rest.... sigghh... I'm not not emotionally tired , it's my body that is tired. I'm pretty sure about that coz I do realize what's the real cause of all these tiring days. Believe it or not, I have lost 5kg in the past 2 month. If u have been reading my blog for the past 1 year, u should know that I wanted to get rid of a few kg out of my body. Fortunately, I've managed to do that without any starvation or any medical help. No lipo or any operation since obviouslt I cant afford that. However , the side effect from that - my body is also losing my energy source and currently my energy output and my energy usage do not corellated well with each other yet. Therefore, I'm having this severe fatigue syndrome :P hehhehe...
happy weekend everyone... :)


Mrs. Sheikh said...

bape berat u nan?
rasa body u dah ok dahh

Anonymous said...

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mummysyafie said...

lost 5 kg??? wah..camne nan buat tu? meh ajar akak....:P