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Monday, March 24, 2008

U can be my umbrella

Wow.... what a lovely sunday for me. Well, to start with - as we all expected - MAN UTD gave a football lesson to liverpool , another win for united... 8 games against liverpool, only 1 draw and 7 wins. I really pity those liverpool fan. No worry , u'll never walk alone. Benitez will walk along u guys soon enuf. But the real highlight for today was the Rihanna concert in moscow -held at the olympic stadium.
4 of us went to the concert - shida , me , elyn and michelle ( but I did see a lot of other malaysians at the stadium too ) , my ex wife (chin joo) was supposed to join us too - but she bailed out last minute due to the health reason - the flu. Yeah, it's the flu season rite now is moscow. No worry chin joo - we wish u all the best and please get well soon. Plus , pussy cat dolls is coming next month. It's a crime to miss Nicole Scherzinger performing LIVE at ur hometown ( yeah, moscow is kinda my hometown after all)The concert was great , and the performance was amazing. Yesterday Rihanna was performing in Germany , and today straight away in moscow - she did such an excellent job. The crowd was really enjoying it. I had my fun and I'm really enjoying myself even thou the fact that I have to wake up really early tomorrow since my current hospital is located near outside of moscow. It's gonna take me 1 hour and 15 mins to reach the hospital. I couldnt care less. I know for the fact tonite that I'll sleep with a smiling face.


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

anggau ape ke neh spai tidoq cenyum2...ekekekeke


syokkk aaa uolls nengok konsert rihana tuh
zie minat giler kat rihana


Mrs. Sheikh said...

best la
umbrella ela ela ela...
ehh kan shida leh jd payung..

p/s : umo elyn tu bape?
sungguh comel!!

ita.itu said...

peehh...syok lg nihh

eh husna...nan la jd payung..haha

cepotet said...

beshnya. dapat gi konsert rihanna. sangat jeles.. :(

dia nyanyi lagu apekah pada konsert tu? banyak lagu ngak?

pearlEJ said...

fuhhh syoknyaaaaa!! seksi tak dia?? hehehe...

Hannan said...

zie - angau sket2 jer la... :)
hahaha.. puas hati sbb dah tercapai satu impian :P

Hannan said...

husna :)
elyn tu barely legal jer..
hahaha.. umur kene rahsiakan... :P
ela elaaa.. kain 2-3 elaa...

Hannan said...

erni :)
beeeesstt sgt konsert tu
die nyanyi dalam 10-12 lagu kot rasenya
x kire pon
tapi semua lagu2 yg hot2 semua ada aa..

mummysyafie said... lah pic kat atas tue..mesti dapat seat nya best kan

nieja said...

wah..sronoknye...ela ela ela ei..ei..

lindosh said...

suka lagu rihanna.. mesti hebat gile konsert dia

Hannan said...

EJ - hehehe..bab sexy tu.. x yah citer la si rihanna ni... :P

Hannan said...

mummysyafie -
tu gambar curi jer
seat kite x berapa best sgt..
tapi occay la.. :)

Hannan said...

nieja --- hehehe.. ela ela sampai tertido...!

Hannan said...

lindosh - the concert was magnificient!

nasazfrog... said...


eiza said...